Why this city girl wants to be country

Why this city girl wants to be country

This is the land we will inherit one day.  It’s just outside Navasota, Texas.  I jokingly (not) call it Navanasty, Navastinky and Navanowhere.  It’s humid, it’s hotter than-you-know-where in the summer and there are lots of bugs and x-large mosquito’s.  But look at that view!  It’s 11 acres of tall pine trees, cedar trees and gorgeous oak trees with Spanish moss hanging from the limbs.  Honestly, the driveway near the house is something you’d read about in a book.

Driveway before finishing the trimming

Navasota Driveway

Can you see why I’ll enjoy being there; sitting on the porch, watching the cows and wishing we could stay longer than 3 days?  If it were up to the Mister, we’d live there right now but the house needs a ton of clearing out, repairs and updates.  Not to mention, we still have one kiddo still with us at home.  But after a few weekends, I know it will be even more beautiful than the picture.

Pasture with mommas and babies

Years ago the family had large outdoor parties and huge Easter egg hunts with potluck dinners.  And when I say huge, there were over 150 hidden eggs.  Can you imagine?  They didn’t use plastic eggs either.  They were all real.  There was a designated “golden egg” that was dyed gold and the “booby” egg was dyed dark and ugly.  Even the adults participated in the hunt.  If you found the golden egg, you won a prize.  Not sure what happened when you found the booby egg.  My husband says he never found either one so he really doesn’t remember what happened but says the prize was clearly not the better of the two prizes.  I’m am sure they had to have had eggs for each meal.  Deviled eggs, egg salad, scrambled eggs, egg drop soup, egg surprise, eggs and more eggs!

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Farmhouse in Navasota, TX

My husbands family would visit at least once a month so he grew up there.  Extended family lives on the surrounding properties and years ago it was about 180 acres.  Now it’s only about 80.  I love hearing him tell us about getting up early in the morning and wandering the property until dark.

The house is definitely cute and has been pretty well taken care of.  It just needs some lovin.  We’ve been working on it and I’ll share more pics next time and more stories of the house that still lives.  But for now, I wanted you to see why this city girl who loves living in Highland Village, TX where everything is within 3 miles could possibly want to leave that all behind and move to the tiny town of Navasota, TX.