If you’ve read my blog at all you know I love repurposing old stuff.  Old doors, old columns, and old windows just to name a few.  I even have a nice little stack of old windows in our garage just for great ideas.  Well last week I thought I’d add a couple to the shelf in the family room which got me to thinking… You might like repurposing ideas for old windows too.

Repurposing Ideas for old windows on CountyRoad407.com

There are so many things you can do with old windows.  I’ve made them into mirrors, added fabric for a dry erase board, made one into a calendar and even added chicken wire to one to hold pictures.  And I totally intend to paint or stencil a Bible verse one of these days when I get time.

I just simply cleaned and layered these.  Old white chippy paint is a farmhouse favorite which I can’t get enough of!  Most old windows still have the hardware attached which makes it easy to hang things from them as well.

Ideas for repurposing old windows by CountyRoad407.com

You can go on Pinterest and find gazillions of ideas but I’ve gathered some of my favorites.  Most of these come with tutorials – Woo Hoo!

Repurposing Ideas for Old Windows

a Greenhouse is a perfect way to repurpose old windows. Like this one found on Craftsmandrive.com - CountyRoad407.comThis cool greenhouse is from Craftsmandrive.com. 

Bathroom storage made by repurposing an old window by Remodelaholic.com Look at this bathroom storage idea from Remodelaholic.  Love it!

Window wall made from repurposing old windows on SweetMelanie.blogspotThis is a moveable wall made from old windows!  How cute is that?!  Found on SweetMelanie.blogspot.com.

HousebyHoff.com repurposed an old window into a chalkboard calendarHousebyHoff.com made a chalkboard calendar out of hers.  Yes please – It’s perfect!

One of my favorite ideas for repurposing old windows is by DowntoEarthstyle.blogspotAnother favorite is this headboard by DowntoEarth.blogspot.com.  So romantic!

I saved my favorite for last and oh my golly, I would love to have a full size old window house!  If I could collect this many windows and save them without driving the Mister insane, I would.  I’d paint the entire thing white and fill it with a pink sofa, a small table and chair, a chandelier, and a super fluffy bed.  People wouldn’t hear from me for days!  Of course I’d bring my cell phone so I could order breakfast, lunch and dinner so as not to interrupt my reading.  A girl can dream, right?!  Uh oh, I just thought of something.  I’d need a bathroom.  How’s that going to work?  Aahh, I know – Curtains!

Window house found on Insteading.com Insteading.com

Well there you go, my favorite repurposing ideas for old windows.  Can you see the potential?!  Windows are fabulous!

Chicken wire window repurposed into a photo guest book by CountyRoad407.com

Oh yeah, here is the window we added chicken wire to for our photo guest book at the farmhouse.  No tutorial but you can see that post here.

I’d love to add your picture.  Let me know if you’d like to come visit!  Spring and fall are especially nice for front porch sittin’ and sweet tea sippin’.  🙂

  TTFN friends!

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I’ve received a few questions about styling a TV console or entertainment unit.  So today I’m going to give you a few tips on how to go about it.  It’s super easy and I don’t want you second guessing yourself or thinking it doesn’t look like Joanna Gaines did it or like it isn’t worthy of Country Living magazine.  Instead, remember anyone can copy someone else so…

In a world of Joanna’s, be a Unicorn!

Don’t you just hate the huge black boxes, the wires and the other crap that comes with a TV?  Goodness gracious, we can send a man to the moon but we can’t have wireless TV’s, stereos and lamps?  Ugh – Whatev.  Well since we must have the unsightly boxes/components, I think it’s best to separate them so one side isn’t heavier than the other when decorating.

Tips for Styling a TV Console Table

Easy tips for styling a TV console table around the ugly necessary boxes. CountyRoad407.com

That was Tip #1Separate the large components or at least keep it balanced as much as possible.

Tip #2Keep your accessories similar in size and color.  Now you could fill it up with picture frames or books but why would you?  That’s taking the lazy way out.  I started with 2 small containers of greenery and pushed them to the outside edges and built inward toward the middle using whites and greens.  Hint: Two of the books below didn’t coordinate well so I covered them with Mod Podge and wrapping paper.  I love me some Mod Podge and now they have the color I need to coordinate with the rest of the room.

Styling a TV console by CountyRoad407.com

Tip #3 Accessories look better in odd numbers.  I used the same coordinating white and green colors you see in the opposite grouping.  The song words are a favorite and just a quick print from my computer.  Now each time I see it I’ll probably start singing and smiling and singing even louder.

Odd numbers look best when accessorizing a TV console by CountyRoad407.com

Tip #4Do something a little unexpected.  Y’all know I can’t get enough greenery so I decided to hang a small eucalyptus wreath in the middle of the table.  I think it gives the console table a little more character.  Well hello there Unicorn Cindy.

Bonus Tip for styling a TV console table:

When I thought I was finished, I stepped back and what did I notice?  The big TV with those little black speakers sticking out like my ears did in the third grade.  That wasn’t a good year and I cannot relive that moment every time I sit down.  So by adding a little jewelry with a little strategic hair fluffing (lanterns), the gap between the speakers has been filled in and disguised.  She shan’t be called Dumbo again.  Aren’t kids nice?  So nice.

Anyway, here’s the “before” pic of the TV console table.

Before pic for styling a TV console table

And here’s the “after” with all it’s cuteness.  Now things are more unified and certain things don’t stand out from the rest.

4 easy Tips for styling a TV console table by CountyRoad407.com

There you go – 4 easy tips for Styling a TV console table!  Now you can go forth and style on your own.  If you need a little more advice I’m only an email away.   Oh yeah, I’ll write another post soon on how to style the walls around the TV just in case you need it.  😉 Big hug sweet friends.

Decorating at age 25 when you first get married is sooo way different than when you’re 50 don’t you think?  My first attempt at decorating was when the style was… well, I don’t really think it had a name.  I’ll call it The Era of the Cave.  We had it decked out in burgundy, navy and teal green; teal carpet, teal and white checked linoleum floors, teal striped floral wall paper that covered every wall in our small bedroom and teal laminate counter tops with teal painted walls in our kitchen.  Goodness me, even as I type that out I’m thinking – what was I thinking?!  Well I know what I was saying – “Mhmm, this place looks fabulous.  It all matches”.

Antique Column repurposed into coat rack by countyroad407.com

Most of the decorating back then was determined by 3 kids and 2 dogs.  I think if I could have gotten away with plastic furniture and rubber walls and not been mocked as a horrible wife and mother, I would have done it.  Wouldn’t that have been a statement?  Maybe a better statement than the accuracy of a dirty brown streak that ran the length of the walls in the hallway where the kids rubbed their hands every time they walked through or when they smudged their feet on it from deciding that was the perfect place for a camp out.

repurposed bird feeder into kitchen sponge holder by countyroad407.com

After being there 13 years, we needed to move.  The Mister drove an hour and a half one way every day to his new job and he thought that 3 hours in the car would be better spent with his family.  No one can argue that so we built a house.  I decided that since the kids were older, we were going fresh and new.  The burgundy plaid sofa we’d found at a garage sale and the coordinating floral chairs we found on the side of the road (all recovered of course) and that burgundy sponge painted cabinet were not coming with us.  The Cave Era was out.

Mercury door knob in Navasota, TX by countyroad407.com

Sad thing was, it had been “out” for like 5 years.  But with small kids and a busy life, my days were spent raising kids, not keeping up with the Joneses.

Collection of white dishes and silverware by countyroad407.com

This new house was neutral in color because it would be easier to decorate while living life.  Furthermore when the moms came over they wouldn’t judge me for being 5 years behind in decorating.   It had taupe walls, taupe counter tops and taupe floors.  So much brown it was like living inside a Little Debbie snack cake.  But after 5 years, we finally painted something.  It was a wine colored accent wall in the breakfast room.  I know what you’re thinking – Oh my golly she did it again.  She went with burgundy!  But I didn’t.  It was wine colored.  It coordinated with the grape window treatments and the wallpaper border which of course matched the seat cushions on the chairs to the dining table.  Are you thinking I was crazy?  I’m sort of thinking I was.  But everyone liked it.  They thought I had it goin’ on – I was rockin’ it.  Uh yeah, no.  I was rockin’ it like puffy high top tennis shoes with high wasted mom jeans and little did I know the wine style was going out in a year.

Chicken wire cloche made from an old lampshade by Countyroad407.com

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But as luck would have it, I didn’t have to live with the wine theme after it was out of style.  We were moving again.  Not because the hubby got a new job but because we were tired of the kids being right there with us; right there under our feet, right there when it was time to get ready for school and they shared a bathroom or right there when I was trying to pluck my eyebrows and they came barging in asking if they could use our bathroom.  Yeah, because of that.  When we built the house the kids were so precious we thought they’d love to be with us and we’d be one happy family for decades.  Nope.  They didn’t want to be around us and we didn’t want to listen to every My Little Pony, Littlest Petshop or Pokemon conversation they ever had.

Vignette of antique box with hydrangeas by Countyroad407.com

The move this time was only 5 houses down on the same street and is the house we live in now.  It didn’t take much to talk the Mister into buying it.  All I had to say was “It has a game room with a door so when extra kids are over we can shut them in and not hear the commotion and each kid will have their own bathroom”.  But you’ve heard me say it before, I should have negotiated better when it came to the decorating.  The Mister told me we could paint the ugly gold walls when we moved in.  8 long years I’ve hated the paint on these walls.  Woe is me – late to the party again.

French lavender in vintage pitcher by Countyroad407.com

You’ve also heard me say 2018 is going to be my year or maybe that was 2017.  Either way, I’m painting these walls even if I have to hire a graffiti artist to do a walk through railcar touch up.  Question is, will I be 5 years late to the prom with my color choice?  Last week I saw Benjamin Moore Paints announced their new color of the year as “Caliente”.  I literally burst out laughing.  It’s red!  And what did they pair it with besides gray and blue – gold!  Oh My Word , gold! Hahahaha.

Hang a chandelier from the trees outdoors for a fun farmhouse look. Countyroad407.com

Now that I’m 51, I finally know what I like and can decorate for myself.  I don’t have to worry about kids etc.  And my new choices?  Well, I can say this about my them; the color will be neutral and the decor will be me.  I want a mix of farmhouse charm, a little vintage with repurposed items thrown in everywhere.  And it will for sure scream – Cindy, you are the bomb.com!  You are going to be in style forever!  Or at least 5 more years.

  I hope you find your style way before I did!

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My visit with THE KariAnne Wood from Thistlewood Farms

If you don’t know who KariAnne Wood is from the blog Thistlewood Farms, you’re missing out.  She’s kind, smart, sweet as pie and the cutest thing since the color pink.  I love her!  Her blog is about her life, her family, her beautiful farmhouse in Kentucky and her DIY projects.

Carol who blogs over at BlueSkyatHome.com invited her and a few others over for a book signing.  Yes you read correctly, KariAnne wrote a book!  It’s called So Close To Amazing.

I’ve been excited for days and even wondered what people wear to a “private” book signing.  Should I wear something casual like oh-she’s-my-bestie-and-we’re-just-hangin-out (we met in person in July)  or maybe wow-she’s-the-queen-of-farmhouse-decor-and-I-should-kiss-her-feet-so-don’t-wear-heels-because-it’s-going-to-be-awkward-when-I-can’t-get-up?  I went with casual to keep us all safe.


KariAnne Wood from Thistlewood Farms and Cindy Richter from CountyRoad407.com at the So Close To Amazing book signing

She has inspired me so many times through her blog and given me such great advice that I truly believe you’ll love her book.  I remember to this day the first time she ever commented on one of my blog posts.  I was so new and thought it was a mistake.  But nope, she’s just that sweet!

So Close To Amazing is about her move to Kentucky from the Dallas area and how the Lord laid out her path.  It’s about how she has questioned the Lord just like me and about DIY projects gone wrong just like so many of our own.  But what I love the most about the book is how she learned to rejoice in the small things, embrace the imperfect and celebrate the mistakes.

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The book So Close To Amazing by KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms

During our time together we watched her smile and lift her hands in excitement, listened to her giggle and speak in “total asides”.  That alone kept me on my toes trying to keep up.  She’s genuine and sassy and crazy funny and sincere and rambunctious.  She’s a motivator, a mentor and my new forever friend.

If you’d like to order the book, click on this link.  

If you’d like to check out her blog, click on this link

And let me know when you get the book.  We’ll get together and do a project from the book then celebrate how amazing we are!  🙂

KariAnne's book So Close To Amazing with Cindy at Countyroad407


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Yay, we are back in Navasota soaking up the country life and enjoying the little things that make this place special.  Well special to me, the Mister couldn’t care less about the “special” things.  He enjoys being outside with the animals and just piddling.  Okay, he’s usually having to fix something but at least he’s here.

I on the other hand, not being the outdoorsy type, need more.  I need little details that make me smile.  Niceties so I don’t feel as though I’m tolerating what the Mister’s great grandmother did when she lived here.  So while I’m here this week, I’ll show you what makes me feel more refined while hangin’ out in the farmhouse kitchen.


 10 Farmhouse kitchen details I need in my life.


Farmhouse kitchen details in Navasota, TX by CountyRoad407.com

I’ll show you the entire kitchen one day for but now, here is the left corner.  Yes it still has white laminate counter tops which do not bother me (yet) and an old microwave that takes up precious counter space but look beyond that.  Look at the walls.  It’s the real deal.  Real board on board shiplap.  Finding that behind the upper cabinets we ripped out was a glorious day.  Anyway, that’s detail #1 on the list.

Now for detail #2.  It’s the framed vintage coffee bean sack.  The frame was $10 and the sack only $7!  HAHAHAHA – I love a bargain and need nice things to look at.  Remember, I’m all into decorating?

Detail #3 and probably a favorite.  I use vintage teacups as scoops for the sugar and flour canisters.  The matching saucer to this one sits on the stove.  We use it as a spoon rest.  You might also notice, the purple coordinates with the purple mason jars we use.

For farmhouse kitchen details, use a vintage teacup as a sugar scoop


Detail #4.  I use a metal bowl/basket to house the paper plates.  They look so much prettier in there – don’t you think?

Decorating with farmhouse kitchen details like grain sacks and adding details like wire paper plate holders


Detail #5 is over at the sink area by the windows.  I made a dish towel holder and used one of our forks for the hook.  I also found a silver plated wine chiller at an antique store (for $9) and decided to use it for cooking utensils because we only have 3 drawers in the kitchen to hold things – Detail #6.

Farmhouse kitchen details like a handmade hand towel holder and a silver plated wine caddy for utensils

Handmade dish towel holder by CountyRoad407.com for added farmhouse kitchen details


For detail #7 I came across this cast iron table top bird feeder at Hobby Lobby (hello 50% off) and thought it would be so cute sitting in the window holding sponges and the drain stopper.

Using a cast iron bird feeder as a sponge holder for farmhouse kitchen details. By CountyRoad407.com


Oh yeah, another favorite and detail #8 is… Here in the “kuntry” we use actual silverware for everyday.  It’s a pain to wash and polish sometimes but the vintage pattern is so cute.  And of course it totally makes us me feel more sophisticated. 😉

Silver plated utensils used for everyday for a farmhouse kitchen detail by CountyRoad407.com


Look at this adorable milk bottle measuring cup which is detail #9. Macy (my daughter who has taken residency while attending college) found it on Amazon and I think it’s perfect for the farmhouse kitchen!

Ceramic measuring cup speaks to farmhouse kitchen details


Last but not least, detail #10 is a vintage cake plate that I use as a napkin holder.  It sits over by the Coffee Station that you can read about here if you missed it.  The lid keeps the napkins from flying away when we use them outside.  Of course it’s great for cupcakes and cookies too.

Vintage Cake Plate used as a napkin holder for a farmhouse look by CountryRoad407.com


All of these things make life here so much more pleasant.  I’m not sure if it’s really because we aren’t down here as much so the mundane everyday life isn’t as annoying or if it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

It could be because the Mister does everything in is power to make me happy and feel cherished.  He works hard to keep snakes and bugs away, to keep it cool inside while it’s super hot outside.  He keeps the well water from smelling like rotten eggs (mhmm it did, bleh), the internet running as fast as possible, and so many other things.

Either way, we make a good team.  He’ll keep making this old farmhouse better and better and I’ll keep making it cuter and cuter.