Happy December friends!  I remembered that during the Christmas Farmhouse tour, you didn’t get to see our bedroom.  So today I thought I’d share what I did in there to hopefully inspire you to decorate your bedroom too.  Because the bedroom is fairly small, I feel the Christmas decorations should be simple to keep it relaxing.  So here’s some Christmas decor for a small farmhouse bedroom.

Christmas Decor for a Small Farmhouse Bedroom

A Simple farmhouse Christmas bedroom by countyroad407.com

If I made a list for Santa, I’d ask him to push the wall out about 5 foot so I could fit in a king size bed and open the closet door all the way.  But as nice as that would be, it’s never happening.  Oh Santa would if I asked, but I’d rather spend the money on a new house (insert winky face and a big-fat-all-teeth-showing grin).  So instead the decor is about color and fresh greenery of course.  Can’t do without the greenery!

Christmas bedroom by countyroad407.com

Fresh greenery over a bed for a Christmas farmhouse bedroom by countyroad407.com

The shutter and wooden “R” always hang there but the added touch of live greens makes it much more festive.  When I put together the swag of greenery, I used two old rusty bed springs to mimic a bell.  I think it turned out super cute.

Add two old bed springs to look like a bell in a Christmas farmhouse bedroom by Countyroad407.com

One of our daughters lives here full time and uses the closet in our bedroom because her room doesn’t have one.  I keep saying – gotta love old houses – and one day it might not sound so negative but for now, this place comes with rolling eyes, grunts and groans all day long.   With that said, the Mister’s bed side table is small and still partially blocks the closet door so he gets a cranberry wreath hanging on the corner of the bed instead.  He doesn’t care but because I care, I decided to add left over ribbon to both lampshades which pulls things together.

Christmas bedside table for a farmhouse bedroom by countyroad407.com

I think my favorite thing about the bedroom is the fresh tree on my bedside table.  It’s just the end of a cedar limb but I thought it looked just like a tiny tree so it sits inside a cupcake holder that I turned upside down.  The underside of the cupcake holder has a hole in it so I stuck the limb in the hole with a bit of water and voila, a mini Christmas tree stand.  I’m a genius I know.  Just kidding.  Pure fluke but I love it.  And after adding a tiny ornament to the deconstructed books and a few other red decor items, I think my work here is complete.

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Christmas decor for a small farmhouse bedroom. Countyroad407.com


It’s simple, cozy, comfy, clutter free, Christmasy and festive – goal accomplished.  It’s not to late to do something festive to your bedroom.  It will make a huge difference in the way you feel when you walk in and get ready for bed.  Even if you just throw on a decorative pillow or add Christmas ribbon around the lampshades.  What about hanging mistletoe at the doorway or buying holiday sheets like these, these or these?  Whatever you decide, make it special and make it different than the everyday.

Merry Christmas Friends!

I’m excited to share my very first Christmas Farmhouse tour with you!  I’ve joined together with other Blogger friends to bring you lots of inspiration in a Christmas Tour of Homes and since this post has a lot of pictures, I’ll stop all the blah blah blah and get right to – a Christmas Farmhouse Tour.

Farmhouse Front Porch

Christmas Farmhouse front porch by CountyRoad407.com

The porch is where I try and spend the majority of my time while visiting so I want it to be cozy.  We double up on blankets for the night time chilly air and try and have a surface within reach for everyone’s hot chocolate.  I also want to surround myself with Christmas cheer and lights so both cranberry trees are lit up as are the trees in the yard.

Farmhouse front porch Christmas by CountyrRoad407.com

Yes, I tend to go a bit crazy with the fresh greenery cut from the surrounding pastures. I’ve added it to the embossed metal stocking and the iron tree.  Can’t forget about the dogs.  They hang with us too so they enjoy the cowhide rug under their bellies.

Rock away on this cozy Christmas porch by Countyroad407.com

One of my favorite things is the DIY light fixture.  It hangs there all year round so it had to have a few Christmas embellishments too.  Look at those ginormous pine cones.  Actually they’re sugar cones found at Hobby Lobby.  I’ve never seen such but they got a little fresh greenery as well.

Fabulous light fixture done by CountyRoad407.com for Christmas

If you can stop yourself from sitting down on the porch, you’ll walk through the front door right into the one and only living area.  I find it calming to sit there now.  Before, not so much.  If you want to see the oh-my-lanta before pics, check them out here.

Farmhouse Living Room

Christmas banner greeting you as you enter the farmhouse living room in Navasota. Countyroad407.com

You’re greeted with a banner, touches of red decor and fresh greenery all around the room.

Farmhouse Christmas decor by Countyroad407.com

Christmas decor at the farmhouse by Countyroad407.com


Farmhouse Dining Room

The last room I’ll show you on the Christmas farmhouse tour is the dining room.  Gratefully it’s in the middle of the house now.  When it was the Mister’s great-grandmothers home it was located on the back of the house.  You can tell that from the windows.  Then when it was his grandmothers house they added indoor plumbing and a bathroom off the back porch.  Thank heavens for that!  If you’d like to see the no-one-could-have-had-an-appetite-in-that-dining room, you can see those before pictures here.

Cozy farmhouse Christmas Dining room with farmhouse tour by CountyRoad407.com

The back porch is now an enclosed mudroom which makes it so much nicer when you come inside through the back of the house.  Now you aren’t immediately walking into the kitchen.  I love old houses but sometimes it boggles the brain.

Dining light fixture with fresh greenery by CountyRoad407.com

I told you I go crazy with the fresh greenery!  Look at that light fixture.  I LOVE IT!  It makes you feel as though you’re dining in a romantic restaurant.  Minus not having a cook, a waiter, and having to do the dishes but I still LOVE IT!

Simple Christmas centerpiece by CountyRoad407.com

To keep the centerpiece simple, I used an old ironstone serving bowl and added candles, plastic ornaments, antlers and greenery.  The woodland plates came from Hobby Lobby.  They were actually the inspiration for the entire table decor.  The plaid table cloth isn’t a table cloth.  I couldn’t find one I liked so I bought 2-1/2 yards of flannel fabric to use instead.

Woodland table setting by CountyRoad407.com

Last but not least, when we have visitors, there’s a fun “snack” table.  Don’t you want one?  All you need is a separate table decorated nicely with whatever your little heart desires.  Hint: We use cups instead of plates for easier handling.

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Snack table in the diningroom in a farmhouse tour from CountyRoad407.com

Fun Christmas Snack Table in a farmhouse tour by Countyroad407.com

That’s what has kept me busy the past couple of weeks and I truly enjoyed every minute.  I thought of my hubbies family and how they would have decorated.  I’m sure they would have enjoyed how bright and cozy and fun and colorful it is.  Also thought maybe I should string cranberries and popcorn for the Christmas tree.  Then I came to my senses and said how about a trip to Hobby Lobby instead.

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas Farmhouse Tour and like I mentioned before, I’ve joined in with several Blogging Friends to give you lots of inspiration every day of the week!  You won’t want to miss visiting their pages below in the Christmas Tour of Homes!

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Good Morning Sunshine!  I have a fun and colorful post for you today.  Do you remember a while back I added a Coffee Bar in Navasota just for the Mister?  If not, you can check it out here.  Well for Christmas I’ve turned it into a Christmas Cocoa Bar with the anticipation that it will actually get cold soon – although it’s now December and I’m still wearing short sleeves… Can someone please tell Mother Nature it’s winter already?!  Ugh.

Christmas Cocoa Bar from CountyRoad407.com

I have an antique/repainted tea cart I used but honestly you don’t need to use a separate table or need much space really.  You could use a 3 tiered dessert tray, a serving tray, a wide basket or even a large serving platter.  It’s just something to section it off from the other items you may have sitting on your counter already and to make it seem a little bit special.

A Christmas Cocoa Bar from CountyRoad407.com

Here is what I have on my Christmas Cocoa Bar but I’m sure you can come up with several things I haven’t thought of.

Christmas Cocoa Bar

  • Instant Cocoa/Hot Chocolate
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Peppermint Sticks or Candy Canes
  • Cups and Stir Sticks
  • Napkins and Dessert Plates
  • Candy and/or Desserts

Placing things on multiple levels adds more interest and makes it easier to see and get to.  I’ve used antique cream and sugar bowls and a cake plate for added height.  Ooh, I just thought about using a cupcake tin.  That could hold several mints, marshmallows, or sprinkles and look cute.  Oh I just thought of something else… You could add bottles of flavoring.  Hmm, I might have to get back to the store for some of that!

Use vintage items for a fun Christmas Cocoa Bar by CountyRoad407.com

You know I’m all about decorating so don’t forget to dress up the Cocoa Bar.  Choosing a theme ahead of time helps pull it all together.  I wanted my theme to be “peppermint” so I chose a couple of tea towels in a red and white stripe, a striped Christmas bell ornament for something fun, napkins and cups in a red and white pattern too.  Even the added sugary items were red and white; like the red velvet cookies, the Hershey kisses and the Andes mints and candy canes.

Use vintage creamer and sugar bowls for a fun look on a Christmas Cocoa Bar by CountyRoad40.com

A few other cute Cocoa themes could be Winter Wonderland where everything is white and silver.  Or a Snowman theme with items in different shades of blue.  How about a woodland theme with a campfire/outdoorsy look or using Santa or Christmas ornaments as your theme?

Christmas Cocoa Bar ideas from CountyRoad407.com

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For added color, I used sprigs of cedar I had left over from making the fresh garland for the front gate (which you can see here).  It makes it look filled in and a little more grown up.  That’s it!  We are ready for some cold weather and for welcoming any invited guests or the pop-ins.  Let me know if you put together a Christmas Cocoa Bar.  I’d love to see it!

Full Christmas Cocoa Bar by Countyroad407.com

I’ve teamed up with several of my Texas Blogger friends to bring you a wonderful and inspiring tour.  There’s a lot of talent in this big ol’ state!  Just click on the links below on the specific days and you can see more of the Cozy at Christmas Holiday Blog Tour – You won’t be disappointed!

Cozy at Christmas Holiday Blog Tour

My tree and my Mini-Me’s tree too!

For those friends visiting from the Christmas Tree Blog Hop, year before last our real tree fell over twice in 2 weeks and broke nearly every ornament we’d collected for 25 years (insert sad face and heavy sigh).  But instead of crying over broken glass and lots of money down the drain, I’ve decided to look at it as a new beginning; a way to put myself and what I like into the tree.

Meaning, this years Christmas tree is suited more to my taste and not the kids.  I started by flocking it myself.  You can read that DIY here.  And this tree is full of different things like vintage items and silverware and floral picks instead of traditional ornaments and mismatched ribbon and candle ring beads instead of garland.  But that’s how I roll.  I roll right for the weird, the unique, and the what-the-heck-was-she-thinking kind of tree but all in good taste of course.  It has crossed my mind that you might think it’s a snowball effect headed straight for the dumpster, but you can be the judge.  I take that back – don’t judge!

Hodge Podge Christmas tree with unique items as ornaments by CountyRoad407.com

If you look closely, you’ll find one, two or possibly three antique silver cream and sugar bowls,

silver cream and sugar bowls used for Christmas tree ornaments by CountyRoad407.com

a few vintage teacups,

Vintage teacup used as an ornament for a Christmas tree by CountyRoad407.com

and vintage silverware like forks, spoons and serving pieces.

Antique silverware used as ornaments on a Hodge Podge Christmas tree

Old silverware used as ornaments on Christmas trees by CountyRoad407.com


Hodge Podge Christmas tree by CountyRoad407.com

You may even see a couple of old door knob back plates too!

Use vintage door knob plates for unusual Christmas tree ornaments. CountyRoad407.com

Oh yeah!  Here’s a hint if you don’t have enough ribbon.  Cut the ribbon in 36 inch pieces.  That way you can tuck it into strategic places instead of worrying about having enough to wrap the entire tree. 😉

My Mini-Me’s Christmas Tree

Now I wanted to share my middle child’s Christmas tree.  She lives in Navasota at the farmhouse so it’s the tree down there.  It is so cute that I think she’s turning into my Mini-Me which is a total compliment of course! It’s woodland themed except for the pig – she loves the pig!

Woodland Christmas tree - Countyroad407.com

Isn’t that darling?  I think she did a magnificent job!

Flocked woodland tree - CountyRoad407.com

I love the size, shape and flocking on this tree.  She got it at Michael’s for 50% off.  It’s filled with LED lights and comes with a warranty.  I’m hoping there are some left.  I think I want one in our master bedroom!

A woodland style Christmas tree = Countyroad407.com

antlers for a woodland tree by countyroad407.com

Sweater ornaments make cute woodland tree decor

And finally, here’s the beloved pig.

Christmas tree in Navasota by countyroad407.com


Hope you’ve enjoyed our trees.  Now click on the links below to check out the rest of the Bloggers and the First Annual Christmas Tree Blog Hop.  Sooooo many great Christmas Trees!


Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop

Welcome To Our First Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop!!

We have 52 talented bloggers joining up to share their decorated Christmas Trees with you! So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, settle in and get comfortable because you are going to love the beautiful Christmas Tree Decor shared today!

I love Thanksgiving.  We have most of the family here, some of us wear fat pants, we reflect on our blessings, we overindulge, laugh, play games and genuinely have a wonderful time.  This year, Lord willing, we will do the same.  But y’all, it’s almost upon us – only one more week and I’m totally unprepared!  So if you’re anything like me and need help, I’m passing on a last minute Thanksgiving checklist!

Last Minute Thanksgiving Checklist

This Friday – Figure out how many people are coming over.  Do you need to borrow or purchase an extra folding table and chairs?  Do you need extra dishes or glasses?  Decide on what you’ll be making and baking and make your grocery list.  Now is also a good time to let your guests know what they can bring.  It will help take the load off of you (me) and make them feel needed.

Last minute Thanksgiving Checklist by CountyRoad407.com

Saturday – Clean out the refrigerator to make room for the food.  Check your foil and plastic containers.  Do you have enough for leftover stuffing and corn casserole?  Now off to the grocery store.  You probably won’t remember everything this trip so wait until Tuesday or so to get the perishables.  Except the turkey.  Around here, you better get one sooner than later or you’ll be eating chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.  Plus, if you buy a frozen turkey, you’ll need it to start thawing in the refrigerator.  It takes roughly five hours per pound, so a 20 pound bird bought today should be thawed by Wednesday.

Sunday – Figure out what games you’ll play and have the supplies like score cards and pencils ready.

CountyRoad407.com has a Last Minute Checklist to help with Thanksgiving prep!

Monday – If you are having over night guests, clean the bedroom and bathroom.  Then tell everyone to stay out!  It never fails at our house, I can scrub the bathroom and an hour later someone will use it even though it hasn’t been used in weeks.  Ugh.

Tuesday – Dust your home including the chandeliers, ceiling fans, etc. If the Mother-in-law is coming, she just might bring a white glove and ain’t nobody got time for that!  I’d also say today you could make the cranberry sauce because it will stay fresh for a week.  But for us, we like it straight out of the can and sliced on the ridges so I will wait until Thanksgiving day for that.  I can hear the sluuuuurp as it drops out of the can right now 😉

When to bake pies on the Last Minute Thanksgivng Checklist on CountyRoad407.com

Wednesday – It’s bake and cut day.  Cut up the onions, celery and wash any veggies you’ll be serving.  Keep them covered and stored in the refrigerator.  Bake the cornbread and break up the bread and assemble the dressing.  Bake your pies or desserts and don’t forget to make the whipped cream.  While things are baking, set the table and add the centerpiece.  Lastly before dragging yourself to bed, check to see how long the turkey needs to cook so you can set the alarm.

Thanksgiving Day!

 Wash and/or stuff that turkey bird and get it in the oven.  Enjoy a break for breakfast.  Around midday, start the side dishes.  About 30 minutes before dinner time and when the turkey comes out, let it rest while you make the gravy and reheat the side dishes on the stove top, in the oven, or in the microwave.  Here’s where all the early prep work pays off.

A last minute checklist for Thanksgiving Preperation by CountyRoad407.com

I seriously hope this list helps.  It has already helped me feel as though I might have a handle on it this year.  I’m somewhat of a control freak about dinner parties at our house.  Not sure if it’s because I want everyone to think I have it together, even though it’s family and they know I don’t, or if it’s because I want everyone that comes over to be able to relax and enjoy each other.  Either way, I think I’m going to delegate a little more this year.

Oh mother, oh sister, I have an apron with your name on it!  Just kidding, it’s old and raggedy but you can use it.  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you missed my ideas on how to Savor the Season, you can see those ideas here.  And a quick reminder – If you know of anyone who is alone this Thanksgiving, invite them over.  We all need some love and laughter and it would make their day to feel wanted.

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