As y’all know I am a huge Fan O’ Fall.  Well today I’m going to be a Fall Ambassador!  This is a gigantic step for me as a new blogger; sort of blazing a trail of fall inspiration just for you guys.  It’s a Falltober Celebration!  You are able to click on the links below and find a plethora of fall insight.  It’s like shopping at a Fall Mega Mall!  Let me know how you like it.  I can do more of these in the future if you find it helpful.  One quick note – as the “Link Party” progresses, other bloggers will be submitting their ideas so check back in a couple of days to see more fall fab!


Welcome to a Falltober Celebration –

hosted by Barb Garrett and The Everyday Home. 

A Blog Hop showcasing both Fall and Halloween projects! 

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The don’ts of decorating a porchette

This is the porch-ette on our house in Highland Village.  This is how it was decorated two years ago.  Actually it’s last years porch-ette too.  We don’t have a nice large porch like so many pictures I’ve saved on Pinterest.   There’s no wide open seating area, no handrail to hold on to, no place to add a little table to eat at – nope, we have this.  But I enjoy it.  I like decorating the large urns for different seasons.

Pumpkin topiaries for outdoor urns

This year everything was faded so I decided to paint the pumpkins and go with softer colors.  Much like the beautiful Heirloom pumpkins.  I thought they’d look great.  Uh yeah, no.  Strike that fabulousness from your mind.  They turned out terrible.

Decorating Do not's from

FAIL!  The large pumpkins would be perfect if our house was on the moon or in a Halloween movie.  Uuuuggghhhh!!!  When I painted the pumpkins on the kitchen table, they looked so pretty.  They had such an interesting blue tone with just the right amount of texture due to the extra 30 minutes of dry brushing.  Uuuuggghhh!!!

So what do you do when they are painfully neon and every time you look at them they seem to mock you?  You add real Spanish moss from Navasota that your sweet hubby drug back at your request.  That didn’t help.  It makes the topiaries more spooky.  Uuuuggghhh!!!

The dont's of fall decorating by

So I took the topiaries apart again and added more white paint to them thinking that was the problem.  Put them together and hated that too.  By now, I’m about to pull my hair out!  I took them apart a 4TH TIME and painted them a totally different color- a mint green with added Heirloom texture and uniqueness.  Then added magnolia leaves from the tree in the backyard.  All the while knowing it was going to work.  Nope, can’t like it.

I believe the problem is that the pumpkins are to pale and washed out.  They don’t show up against our brick and the pumpkins look like they are just floating there and not sitting on urns.  I need to go back to something deeper in color.  Something with orange in it.  I need something that’s going to get me all the way to Thanksgiving not just through to Halloween.

There’s only one problem – I’M SICK OF PAINTING THE PUMPKINS!  They use to have a nice bumpy texture.  I think now, with so many layers of paint, they are as smooth as a babies butt.  Uuuuggghhh!!!

What not to do with fall topiaries.

With all of that said, I went back to the attic looked around and decided on tomato cages and fall garland.  It’s fine.  It’s not magazine beautiful like I wanted but it will hold up until the family arrives on Thanksgiving Day.

Tomato Cage and garland strands for fall decor by CountyRoad407 blog

I left the magnolia leaves and wrapped 3 strands of fall garland on each tomato cage.  Can’t get much easier than that.  And easy is exactly what I needed after this ridiculous attempt at newly improved fall decor.

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Cozy seating area for fall porchette on

Right behind each urn, I can fit a chair on either side.  If we sat there we’d definitely be squished cozy.  But that’s okay too.  We can spy on the neighbors and they’ll never see us.  😉

Gratefully, when the family arrives they won’t judge.  They’ll say “I love the front porchette”.  And I’ll just smile and say “oh it was nothing.  I enjoyed doing it”.  All the while on the inside I’m groaning.

I hope you learned something from this post on The Don’ts of Decorating a Porchette.  I learned that since I have pale brick, I need bright color.  I also learned that next time I want to paint pumpkins, I need to buy more paint.   Uuuuggghhh.

BTW, to make the pumpkin topiaries, all you need is one long dowel rod.  I drilled a hole in the top and bottom of the each pumpkin and gourd.  Then simply stacked them.  No gluing needed.  You can add garland or moss in between the layers or just leave alone.  1, 2, 3 done!





A neighbor popped in the other day and noticed the candle ring I have hanging on a tray and she asked what it was.  This got me to thinking.  Maybe I have other friends that don’t do this – that don’t put candle rings all over to add touches of fall around the house.  So today I’m showing you what else you can do with candle rings.

I actually bought a package of 6 candle rings at First Monday Trade Days in Canton TX a few years ago for $2.00.  I loved them.  They are rustic and colorful and I’ve definitely gotten my $2.00 worth.

Other ways to use candle rings around the house by


This one hangs in a frame in the guest bathroom.  Doesn’t this frame make a 33 cent candle ring look more sophisticated?


Add a candle ring to door knobs for fall interest.


This one hangs on the coat closet in the entry.  The door everyone sees and uses just about everyday.  Not from coats but shoes and backpacks.


How I use candle rings around the house for added touches of fall by


Just hanging them here and there simply adds a little more color and a little touch of fall in different areas.


Hang a candle ring on a lamp shade for a touch of fall.


Hanging one on a lamp shade is a little out of the ordinary.  🙂


Even adding a candle ring to a rooster makes it more festive for fall.


I’ve even smooshed and squished one into a necklace for the rooster.

Now you know what else you can do with candle rings.  I know each of these decorating ideas probably aren’t in a magazine but I choose to think it’s because they haven’t thought about it, not because it’s weird or ridiculous.

Easy touches here and there show people you’re creative and it’s the little details that make a difference.  It’s a tiny thing that catches someone’s eye and makes them ask what it is.  Oh wait, maybe she was asking with a turned up nose?!  I didn’t think to look at her face when she said it.  :0

If you’d like to see the candle ring she was talking about it’s in the kitchen along with one more.  You can see them in this Fall Home Tour post.

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Well now that it’s officially fall, how about starting off the season with a Fall Home Tour?  I’m kind of excited and kind of nervous.  Why? 1. I’ve never thought our house was decorated to my liking because I have to decorate around the ugly pale mustardy yellow wall color.  2. I am casual and simple and all over the board when it comes to a decorating style and calling it eclectic doesn’t even cover it.  3. This house isn’t even close to being finished.  But is any house ever really finished?

It was fine years ago when I was going through my red phase but now that I’m over that, we’ve started painting some of the rooms.  Okay, just one so far but now the house is going through a midlife crisis.  Is the house old enough that it needs a full on surgical lift and tuck or just a bit of lipstick and rouge?  Do people even say rouge anymore?  What I do know is that we are passed the point of just buying a convertible and calling it a day.

But, I am always changing and decorating and fluffing and primping and sprucing and playing and have decided it is what it is and I’m going to share it anyway.

Maybe we should call this post How to decorate for fall when you have to live with a man that doesn’t want to paint or buy a sofa”. 😉

The Family Room

Fall Home Tour by

I know it’s not hideous and I should be (and I am) grateful to live in a nice house with furniture and electricity and fall decor etc.  It’s just that I think the house would be so much prettier with soft taupe walls.  Okay and a slip covered sofa and a nice big wooden mantel.  Don’t you?  Seriously though, I can barely get anything to stay up on that uneven rock mantel.  Jeez Louise – I have to add folded up cardboard to keep things propped evenly.  Sorry, I digress/tangent over.

Family Room fall tour with an orange and blue color scheme


I chose blue and orange which you’ll understand when you see the kitchen.  Inspiration happened when I saw the picture of the old truck full of pumpkins at Kirkland’s.  Thankfully, it still works with the gold walls but I think it’s more than that.  I believe you need to spread the color combination around the room for it to look good.

It’s like Horace Vandergelder says  “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow”.  That’s the same when you decorate for fall!  LOL, is that a stretch?  I love that movie (Hello Dolly) and that’s what came to mind when I said “spread it around”.  Ha!


Blue and Orange Fall color scheme by

Orange and blue fall color scheme by

Pumpkin sign from Pier 1 for fall mantel decor from


Fall accessories don’t have to be pumpkins and gourds.  Here is a vintage cabinet door to bring that blue/green color around the room.  You could also use books, candles, ribbon, fruit, or plants in the same fall colors.


Vintage cabinet door pulls this fall vignette together.


The Kitchen


Blue kitchen with fall accents from Fall Home Tour


This kitchen use to be dark rusty red but with the cream cabinets I couldn’t go with white walls and I’ve decided that since the rest of the house is going to be soft taupe/khaki, I should have some color.  Boy oh boy is it full of color.  It took a couple of weeks to get use to but I really like how the orange accents pop against the blue and cream.


Fall Home Tour by


I use candle rings to add small touches of color in different places.  You can use napkin rings too.  Oh and a quick fix – I didn’t like the container to the topiary tree so I just dropped it inside a brown paper bag.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Kitchen and Fall Home Tour from


The Breakfast Room


Breakfast Room fall tour by


Since the Breakfast Room has so much blue and the chair cushions and curtains are multicolored, I chose to stay pretty neutral.


Breakfast Room in blue and white. Fall Home Tour by


If you’d like to see how to make the vintage looking pumpkins, you can see that post here.  If you’d like to make a chicken wire cloche, you can check it out in this post.  Both are easy to do and a quick way to impress your visitors.

For the table, I wanted a simple natural centerpiece so I hopped over to Whole Foods and got mini pumpkins and fresh kale.  I love the deep rich green and purple of the kale and think it brightens the pumpkins even more.  Truth be told, I could either spend the $16 on greenery stems at Hobby Lobby (they weren’t on sale) or spend the $1 on kale.  Kale won plus I can feed it to the rabbit later!

If you’d like to see another centerpiece idea with fall dishes, you can see that simple tablescape here.


White pumpkins for an easy and natural fall table centerpiece. Fall Home Tour for

There’s my Fall Home Tour – well, at least 3 rooms.  Do you feel sorry for me now?  Sorry enough to come over and paint the ugly pale mustardy yellow walls?  Pretty please?  You’ll need to bring scaffolding for the entry (main reason we haven’t painted).

And in my defense, the Mister did say when we moved in that we could paint the walls.  I guess I should have asked what decade.  🙁

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I think most of us who decorate for fall probably have at least one piece of fall garland.  What do you do with yours?  I use them all over the place but this post is about 3 fall centerpiece ideas using 1 fall garland strand.  And because we are busy, especially when we cook a meal, these fall centerpiece ideas are going to be super easy.  Let’s get started!

The strand of garland below is only 4 foot long.  I loved the color in the leaves because it works perfectly with my fall dishes.  (Yes, I have fall dishes.  Remember the post Confessions of a Plate Addict?)  I inserted a sheer ribbon for added personalization.  You know it can’t just stay the way I found it.

3 different looks for a fall centerpiece idea using only 1 strand of garland

garland strand with added ribbon for personalization

You can see this strand was plastic and not expensive at all.  I think it was $9.99 from you know where… Hobby Lobby!  And the ribbon was left over from another fall project.  It would look nice with any sized ribbon.  You might want to tuck it in a little better than I did.  I’m way to impatient – sorry.

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Fall Centerpiece Ideas Look #1

I have a couple of lanterns that I purchased from Home Goods.  They have been used on the mantel, next to the TV and now here.  The lanterns use batteries and are great for a casual, simple, rustic look.  I just wove the garland around.  You could also add ribbon to the handles if you’d like.

one strand of fall garland used in three different fall centerpiece ideas

Look #2

This time I grabbed 3 glass pumpkins that were given to me by a very dear friend.  She knows I LOVE fall.  With these pumpkins it keeps the garland strand more compact leaving you with more room for glasses, food, desserts, etc.  You can use any type of pumpkin.  These sit on short pedestals for height.

Oh wait!  Speaking of desserts… I made an Apple Pecan Spice cake the other day that was so delicious.  Everyone loved it.  I’ll put the recipe at the bottom of the post in case you’re interested in totally wowing your family and friends like I did!

Fall Garland used with 3 different centerpiece looks by County Road 407

Look #3

For this last look I dug out my rusty candle holder and intertwined the fall garland.  You can see I used candles and pumpkins both.

1 fall garland, 3 different centerpiece looks by

I hope you see how you can make 3 fall centerpiece ideas using 1 fall garland.  Notice that each look is simple and you can easily use what you already have sitting around.  Fall centerpieces don’t have to be extravagant to be eye catching.  Make it easy on yourself – You have enough to do!

Bonus Recipe! (by:  Alyssa over at

Apple Pecan Spice Cake w/ Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Frosting – yes please!
  • 4 cups Granny Smith Apples, chopped into small pieces
  • 2 cups sugar
  • ½ cup vegetable oil
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla (I added another 1/2 tsp and used Mexican Vanilla)
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ cup milk
  • 1 cup pecans roughly chopped


  • Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Frosting:
  • 1 (8 oz) package cream cheese frosting, room temperature
  • ¼ cup butter, softened
  • 2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup golden brown sugar (I didn’t know what that was so I used light brown sugar)
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease and flour a 9×13 inch baking pan. Set aside.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine apples and sugar. Stir in oil, eggs, and vanilla.
  3. In another mixing bowl combine flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Add the flour mixture to the apple mixture. Add milk and stir until just combined. Add chopped pecans.
  4. Pour into prepared 9×13 inch pan. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. Let cool completely. (My bake time was considerably longer before the toothpick came out clean)
  5. To make the frosting: Beat the softened cream cheese until smooth. Add butter and continue to beat until smooth scraping down sides when needed. Add vanilla and brown sugar. Beat for 5 minutes until it is light and fluffy and the sugar has dissolved. Spread evenly on top of the cake. Refrigerate after frosting.  (We didn’t refrigerate before we dug in and I sprinkled chopped pecans on the icing as well.)  Enjoy!