Yay, we are back in Navasota soaking up the country life and enjoying the little things that make this place special.  Well special to me, the Mister couldn’t care less about the “special” things.  He enjoys being outside with the animals and just piddling.  Okay, he’s usually having to fix something but at least he’s here.

I on the other hand, not being the outdoorsy type, need more.  I need little details that make me smile.  Niceties so I don’t feel as though I’m tolerating what the Mister’s great grandmother did when she lived here.  So while I’m here this week, I’ll show you what makes me feel more refined while hangin’ out in the farmhouse kitchen.


 10 Farmhouse kitchen details I need in my life.


Farmhouse kitchen details in Navasota, TX by CountyRoad407.com

I’ll show you the entire kitchen one day for but now, here is the left corner.  Yes it still has white laminate counter tops which do not bother me (yet) and an old microwave that takes up precious counter space but look beyond that.  Look at the walls.  It’s the real deal.  Real board on board shiplap.  Finding that behind the upper cabinets we ripped out was a glorious day.  Anyway, that’s detail #1 on the list.

Now for detail #2.  It’s the framed vintage coffee bean sack.  The frame was $10 and the sack only $7!  HAHAHAHA – I love a bargain and need nice things to look at.  Remember, I’m all into decorating?

Detail #3 and probably a favorite.  I use vintage teacups as scoops for the sugar and flour canisters.  The matching saucer to this one sits on the stove.  We use it as a spoon rest.  You might also notice, the purple coordinates with the purple mason jars we use.

For farmhouse kitchen details, use a vintage teacup as a sugar scoop


Detail #4.  I use a metal bowl/basket to house the paper plates.  They look so much prettier in there – don’t you think?

Decorating with farmhouse kitchen details like grain sacks and adding details like wire paper plate holders


Detail #5 is over at the sink area by the windows.  I made a dish towel holder and used one of our forks for the hook.  I also found a silver plated wine chiller at an antique store (for $9) and decided to use it for cooking utensils because we only have 3 drawers in the kitchen to hold things – Detail #6.

Farmhouse kitchen details like a handmade hand towel holder and a silver plated wine caddy for utensils

Handmade dish towel holder by CountyRoad407.com for added farmhouse kitchen details


For detail #7 I came across this cast iron table top bird feeder at Hobby Lobby (hello 50% off) and thought it would be so cute sitting in the window holding sponges and the drain stopper.

Using a cast iron bird feeder as a sponge holder for farmhouse kitchen details. By CountyRoad407.com


Oh yeah, another favorite and detail #8 is… Here in the “kuntry” we use actual silverware for everyday.  It’s a pain to wash and polish sometimes but the vintage pattern is so cute.  And of course it totally makes us me feel more sophisticated. 😉

Silver plated utensils used for everyday for a farmhouse kitchen detail by CountyRoad407.com


Look at this adorable milk bottle measuring cup which is detail #9. Macy (my daughter who has taken residency while attending college) found it on Amazon and I think it’s perfect for the farmhouse kitchen!

Ceramic measuring cup speaks to farmhouse kitchen details


Last but not least, detail #10 is a vintage cake plate that I use as a napkin holder.  It sits over by the Coffee Station that you can read about here if you missed it.  The lid keeps the napkins from flying away when we use them outside.  Of course it’s great for cupcakes and cookies too.

Vintage Cake Plate used as a napkin holder for a farmhouse look by CountryRoad407.com


All of these things make life here so much more pleasant.  I’m not sure if it’s really because we aren’t down here as much so the mundane everyday life isn’t as annoying or if it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

It could be because the Mister does everything in is power to make me happy and feel cherished.  He works hard to keep snakes and bugs away, to keep it cool inside while it’s super hot outside.  He keeps the well water from smelling like rotten eggs (mhmm it did, bleh), the internet running as fast as possible, and so many other things.

Either way, we make a good team.  He’ll keep making this old farmhouse better and better and I’ll keep making it cuter and cuter.






One thing I’ve noticed at thrift stores is the plethora of used books.  I can usually find them costing ten cents to a dollar.  Sometimes they’ll have a BOGO sale or a BOG2 sale and I can’t pass on a bargain like that.  Why do I need so many books you ask?  Well, I use them almost everywhere!  So today I’m going to show you how I use books in my decor at the farmhouse.

Deconstructed Books

De-constructed books embelleshed with scraps of fabric and twine

I deconstructed the set above by using a sharp blade to cut off the covers.  Then I simply stacked and tied them together with scraps of fabric, ribbon and twine.  The little burlap doily is just another embellishment to make them even cuter than they already are.  These sit on my bedside table/chest. 🙂

deconstructed books used in farmhouse decor

Wow, would you look at that?  No wait, don’t!  I can see dust on the table above!  Goodness, now you know how I roll – blogging before dusting and decorating before baking!  But in my defense, I don’t live here on a daily basis.  Just certain weekends.  Getting back on track – these books are a little more rustic looking and highlight the antler and vintage door knob (hopefully not the dust) .  Ugh.

Painted Books

Painted book with Glidden Paint with Primer that didn't work even after 5 coats

I’ve painted some books with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  That stuff worked like a charm with only one coat.  With the red book above I wasn’t so lucky.  I used left over Glidden Paint with a built in Primer and gave up after 5 coats.  It’s still pink.  See it in the picture below?  I do like pink but not for this project.  The navy and green books turned out fine with the Glidden paint.  In Glidden’s defense though, it doesn’t say it’s for “books”.  But who uses paint only for it’s labeled purposes?  Hello, not me.

Painted books for farmhouse decor

With these lovely painted books I simply used a Sharpie Marker and wrote PRAY on the paper edges.  You could also turn them around and write titles, numbers or anything else really.  These books are sitting above the TV.

Books that were painted and had the word PRAY wtritten on them with a Sharpie pen for farmhouse decor

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Below are two of the other painted books used only to blend in with the table and elevate the clock a bit.  I’d rather have the antique box with hydrangeas and the clock be more noticeable than the white painted books.

White painted books used in farmhouse decor

Color Clumping

If you’d rather not paint or deconstruct books, you can clump like colors together like these below.  I turned them around because the bindings were distracting and I wanted my sons school project to get highlighted rather than the busy bindings.  Isn’t he a beauty – in a weird, crazy kinda way?   Even though it has bulgy googly eyes and a broken tail, you know this momma doesn’t care.  It’s special memories.

books in decor highlighting special objects

I love the cartoon below.  It’s totally me.  But if I had all of the books turned around facing forward or had the book jackets still on, you’d probably not see it.  That’s why I keep similar colors together or turn them around.  It’s less distracting when the book covers and pages are related in color.

Layering books for decor

Layering items in the front and back gives the display depth and excitement.  Like the books below.  All I did was switch out the pale green comic with a coordinating colored sign and then include a wreath behind the books.  Just the added layers make this book vignette more interesting.

tan books with layers for decorating

Different Ideas

Books don’t have to sit on a shelf.  Below I wanted some red so the living room looked more patriotic during the fourth of July celebrations.  So by adding a few books in key areas, it sends your eyes around the room instead of stopping in one place.

red books used in decor to add color for a patriotic display

Different Ideas

Don’t forget cook books can be used in decor too!  This one by The Gathering of Friends is so pretty I don’t want it hidden between stacks of others.  It sits on the counter in the kitchen looking all dainty and sophisticated.  I have about 5 of these recipe books.  If you can find one, get it.  They are beautiful!  The book holder is from them as well.  I added the silver spoon with hot glue to the top.  It’s so stinkin cute – I love it!

recipe book used for decor in kitchen

Well there you have it, that’s how I use books in my decor.  Next time you’re at the thrift shop or at a garage sale, pick up some books and go crazy implementing them into your decor.  I bet you can come up with a few ideas I’ve not thought of.  And if you do have a brain surge, don’t forget to tag me when/if you share them on Instagram!











Pretty Pintastic Party

Hanging out in the trees

Since it’s officially summer and hotter than Hades around here, my only outdoor inspiration is what I can see from the windows hanging out in the trees.  You won’t find me enjoying the outdoors because the bugs are extra large and in charge.  They think it’s their porch and will fly straight toward your face until you move.  No kidding and no thanks.

One of the beauties is the Spanish moss.  I think even though its pretty, it’s killing the trees.  The Mister has a different opinion.  He hates it and says the moss covered trees have been there way over 100 years and look the same as when he was young (he’s 50 now).  It’s kind of hard to argue with that but we’ve decided to agree to disagree on that subject because neither one of us are Arborist’s and googling it gives me all kinds of different answers.  Some say it’s a fungus, others say nope.  I say whatever – for now.

Front view of Navasota House

Another inspiration was an idea I had that turned out to be a favorite.  I hung chandeliers from the tree limbs.  Yep, chandeliers and of course they are painted white.  They give a bit of whimsy and elegance at the same time.  When people see them they’re all like Hmm, that’s unusual.  I hope that’s in a good way and not in a wow-that’s-ugly-and-weird way.

chandelier painted white and hung in tree in Navasota, TX

chandelier hanging with trees covered in Spanish moss

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I have a more chandeliers in the works and will show those to you later on.  We also have a few birdhouses hanging around.  The usual wooden birdhouses and some not-so-typical tin pots I had the Mister fasten to the trees.

vintage pitcher used as a birdhouse

vintage tea pot used as a birdhouse

cottage style birdhouse

Texas hole birdhouse

Painted Texas Flag birdhouse

Aren’t they cute?  We’ve actually had several different kinds of eggs and baby birds.  It’s fun helping out nature by giving them little vintage condo’s/single family housing. 😉

We hope to work on the landscaping around the house in the fall when it’s much cooler.  Mr. Wonderful says putting a skirt around the outside of the house will help with the cold drafts on the inside of the house.  Sounds good to me.  I’d love some boxwood, hostas, peonies, catmint, hydrangeas, lavender and maybe some roses around here!  I can see it now – fabulous roses hanging around the windows like a canopy – mmm.

For now though my muse is the chandeliers.  I deem myself a bit more sophisticated by having them.  Kinda like having a tea party with Mrs. President George “Dubya” Bush or  Mrs. Kelly Clarkson.   I think they’d both adore the idea of chandeliers hanging in the trees.  I bet I could even invite them to a tea party and they wouldn’t mind having paper plates and store bought chicken salad.  Yep, that’s right, we Texan’s can do it down with the home girls and do it up when we feel flashy and sassy. 😉  That’s how we roll.  Who’s with me?!






Moonlight and Mason Jars Link Party

Our bedroom in Navasota

This last weekend I made a visit to my BFF and we went to the grand opening of The Painted Tree Vintage Market in North Richland Hills, TX.  They describe it as a community of shoppes.  It has new and vintage items, home decor, handmade things, art, antiques, furniture, etc.  I’ve decided it’s a new favorite!  I controlled myself and purchased only 4 things but could have certainly walked away with waaaaaay more.

I’ll share the other wonderful things later but today I’m going to show you the item that’s been added to our bedroom in Navasota.  It’s a vintage baby cradle!  I don’t know much about it except that I find it A-DOR-A-BLE!  And that it has to be old because it’s obviously before people worried about babies getting their heads stuck in between the slats.

vintage baby cradle makes an great addition to the farmhouse bedroom

I wish you could feel the old chippy paint and see the original wheels and springs – so cute!

Mr. Wonderful knew it wasn’t for a baby so he asked what I was going to do with it.  I couldn’t believe he didn’t know.  I had to actually say duh – it’s for quilts and throw pillows.  He just laughed and said of course it is.    It’s a win win really.  I don’t like putting our throw pillows on the floor when we get into bed and he doesn’t like throw pillows at all so now they’re out of his way.  😉

Let me show you the rest of our little piece of heaven.  The original door knob was wobbly so I found this one made of mercury glass at Home Goods.  I feel it gives our bedroom a little more elegance.  Remember the post about my “names” for this place?  You can read about it here if you didn’t but just like in that post, sometimes a girl needs some elegance.

Mercury glass door knob in the farmhouse bedroom

As soon as you open the door you see my desk on the other side of the room.  It’s not like it’s a big room or the desk is far away.  I’d describe it as cozy.  You know like when you read about a home for sale and you see the word cozy and realize it’s small?  That’s it.  But it’s an old wonderful farmhouse.  Built when people didn’t care about king size beds, large TV’s or heavens… closets!  The closet was added years later and it’s about a 4 foot by 2 foot.  Not the ideal situation but I’m okay with it.

Desk made from a dining room hutch with a chalkboard top

This is where I blog and day dream watch the cows walk by and the butterflies outside the window.

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The actual desk was my moms old breakfast room hutch.  I’m sure y’all know exactly what I mean when I say fake butcher block top.  I painted the desk top in a chalkboard paint and covered the back with black burlap by using a spray adhesive.  Super easy and what a transformation.  Found the chair in the shed.  It’s kind of rickety.  The Mister says he’ll fix it but I think he’s waiting for me to fall first so he can get in a good laugh.

vintage chest of drawers with chalk paint

 On the opposite side by the door, is our only real source for storage.  Sitting on top is an old blue bottle with real cotton.  It took a while to get the stems all cleaned up but it was worth it.  Finishing it off is an old jar of white buttons and a frame with the chorus of Come Thou Fount.   I often sing that all day long.  It never gets old.  Ha, now it’s stuck in my head already!  Oh well.  The column is a repurposed project that you can read about here.

Last but not least is our beautiful bed.  I’ve mulled over whether or not to paint it white.  I think it would look fabulous painted and distressed but the Mister says he likes it just the way it is.  The shutter is from Germany and I have no plans to do anything to it.  I love it just the way it is.  What you can’t see is how high the bed is.  Gracious me, I need a stool to get in!

Antique bed wtih old shutter hanging above

Well now you’ve seen the farmhouse master bedroom.  No en-suite, no large walk-in closet, nothing fancy.  Just sweet simple goodness that gives me a feeling of peace when I stroll in and put down the suitcase.  I really don’t know why I enjoy it so much.  I’m seriously a New-York-is-where-I’d-rather-stay-I-get-allergic-smelling-hay-I-just-adore-a-penthouse-view-Darling-I-love-you-but-give-me-Park-Avenue kind of girl.





Vintage Inspired July 4th Decor

Now that I have a farmhouse to take care of I can’t go all Hobby Lobby or chain craft store on it.  I decided this year when decorating for July 4th, I wanted something different and something with vintage charm.

Whatever I found needed to be inexpensive, fun and festive.  So Macy (our middle child) and I went to Tomball, TX which is about 35 minutes east of Navasota.  My goodness I think we visited 5 or so antique shops with some of them having 15 plus rooms.  It was awesome!

The best part is I found a my vintage inspired July 4th decor!  I bought a couple of vintage tea towels, a sugar sack and a piece of vintage fabric all in shades of red, white and blue.

Vintage fabric swatches for different July 4th decor inspiration

Because of the fabric sizes, I decided to make pillows out of them.  I love pillows.  The Mister does not.  He doesn’t understand that in order for my feet to touch the ground, I need a pillow behind my back – oh the life of a girl who’s only 5’4″ with shoes on (insert rolling eyes).

I decided to sew the edges but it’s just as easy to use fabric glue.  I’ve found that works very well.  When the edges were sewn, I stuffed them with poly-fil and viola… super cute pillows.

Here’s my vintage inspired July 4th decor:

Here are 3 of the new pillows I made.  Aren’t they cute?  I added things we already had like the red vintage books, an old crock and my son’s crazy middle school project (not vintage but loved) in the tray.

Sofa with vintage pillows made for the July 4th decor

July 4th decor made with vintage fabrics for pillows, vintage books in an old crock


The table behind the sofa has a framed vintage flag for added color.

July 4th decor with vintage flag and books


Here’s another pillow.  This one is a blue and white striped ticking fabric.

White slip covered chair with blue and white ticking pillow and July 4th decor on side table


I used more of the red vintage books (can you tell we have quite the set of red books) and added a ribbon around the cowbell.  The hand stitched cloth in the frame was made in 1952 for the Misters dad.  I’m crafty but definitely do not have enough patience or crafty genes for that – I’m super impressed though!

vintage books and cow bell with hand stitched cloth in frame for July 4th farmhouse decordecor


Here is another pillow.  It’s paired with a vintage quilt and an old pitcher with gardenias.

July 4th decor with vintage books, old crock and vintage insulator


vintage books, old pitcher with red flowers and a vintage insulator for July 4th decor

There you go, my vintage inspired July 4th decor for a beloved farmhouse.  With the touches of red, white, blue, vintage charm, and old pieces that mean a lot to the family, I think the Mister’s great grandmother, grandmother and mom would enjoy the festive pops of color – I know I do.

I hope you decorate for July 4th and if you have the desire for a farmhouse look, check out places that don’t have 20 of the same thing sitting on the shelf.  It’s fine if you want that look.  I actually have several pieces from a big box store.  Just don’t go all crazy!

Anyway, I love the colors so much and because I put forth an effort, albeit small, I’ll probably keep it up through summer.  😉













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