5 Games to Play After the Easter Egg Hunt

Not sure if it’s the cool sunny weather or just the beauty of the budding flowers and trees but this is one time of year I enjoy being outside.  This year instead of being here in town, we are headed to the country house in Navasota.  We’ll gather family and a few friends for an epic Easter egg hunt followed by a great cook-out, thanks to the Mister.  My job is Hostess with the Mostess and one thing I’m thinking about doing is having extra games to play instead of watching the kiddo’s play on their electronic devices all day.  With that in mind, here are 5 games to play after the Easter egg hunt.


5 Games to Play after the Easter Egg Hunt

1. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Supplies:  Chalkboard or large piece of paper, large marshmallows cut in half, blind fold, or pins w/paper like shown below

Rules:  After drawing out the bunny on the chalkboard, blind fold the kids and give them half of a marshmallow.  Spin them around 5 times and have them lick the end of the marshmallow (licking it makes it damp so it sticks to the board).  Tell them to place it where they think the tail would go on the drawn out bunny.  Closest tail to the correct place wins.  If you need too, you can use a sharpie on the marshmallow do add the names of the players.

Easter Party Games Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Credit to Crazy Wonderful

2. A Spoon Full of Sugar

Supplies:  Bowl full of jelly beans, plastic spoons and small cups

Rules:  Give each player a plastic spoon and a small condiment sized cup.  With their hands behind their back, each player has to fill the cup with the jelly beans using only the spoon which they are holding in their mouth.    First one to fill the cup wins.


3. Balancing Act 

Supplies:  Bowl full of jelly beans and popsicle stick

Rules:  Have each player balance 6 jelly beans on the popsicle stick in their mouth.  First one to accomplish this balancing act wins.


4. Chubby Bunny Game

Supplies:  Bag of large sized marshmallows (maybe more depending on the number of players)

Rules:  Each player places a marshmallow into their mouth and says ‘chubby bunny’. If they are able to state the whole phrase CLEARLY, you add another marshmallow.  After each round, you add another marshmallow until you cannot CLEARLY understand the words Chubby Bunny.  The winner of the game is the player who fits the most marshmallows into his or her mouth and clearly says Chubby Bunny.


5. Don’t Break the Egg

Supplies:  Plastic Eggs filled with jelly beans

Rules:  This game requires teams of 2.  Each player will stand about 6 feet apart tossing the egg to each other.  After each successful toss each player takes one step backwards enlarging the gap between them.  The team that is the furthest apart and is still catching the egg without dropping/breaking it is the winner.


Bonus Game:  Stack ’em, don’t crack ’em

Supplies: Left over plastic eggs

Rules:  The player that can stack the most egg halves without it toppling over wins.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Egg Stacking Game

Credit to Toddler Approved

Since I’m talking Easter, below is a picture of our bunny.  He’s a Californian rabbit left over from an FFA project.  We had 11 at one time and he’s the only one left.  Hal-le-lu-iah!  Our girls named him Boingo after the bunny in the movie Hoodwinked.  Have you seen it?  I find it hilarious.  Boingo is introduced as a friendly, innocent and sweet rabbit who is one of Red’s (Little Red Riding Hood) woodland friends. But later you find out he’s hiding his true nature which is a nasty, bitter, sneaky, evil little bunny…much like our Boingo (insert those rolling eyes).  If you look closely, you can see him glaring at me; telling me to drop the food and walk away.  He’s seriously no Easter bunny, more like a big  tiny grouch

playing games after the egg hunt

Well I hope your Easter is filled with fun, laughter and remembering the most important thing about Easter… Our risen King. 

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.  Come and see the place where he lay.  Mathew 28:6


How to make a nest in 5 easy steps!

A couple of weeks ago when I went to Magnolia Market with my sister-in-law and cousin-in-law, we saw a lot of things we liked.  One of those being a cute little bird nest.  But I couldn’t bring myself to pay $20+ dollars for it.  I told them we could make one ourselves and so we did.  We made some of the cutest little bird nests you ever did see.  And since it was so easy, I thought I’d show you how to make your own in 5 easy steps.

Supplies to make a nest with spanish moss

Supplies for making a nest:


We gathered our Spanish moss from the trees in Navasota but it can be purchased too.  Or you could ask me to get you some.  The Mister hates the stuff and would love to remove it from every tree in the yard but I have to put my foot down on that one.  I love it.

All of the supplies needed came from Hobby Lobby.  Except for the gloves.  I get those at Sally’s Beauty Supply because I have to color my hair so often…but that is a totally different post my friends.

Shaping Spanish moss to make a nest

Step 1:

Put on your gloves!  Not for safety but for stickiness.  Then pull the moss out and decide what size you want your nest.  A couple of large handfuls makes a nice sized nest.  Start shaping the nest pushing down the middle with your thumbs.

Spraying spanish moss when making a nest

spanish moss nests

Step 2:

Spray the nest with the adhesive.  This will quickly make your nest more malleable and where it takes its slightly permanent shape.

adding twigs and moss to nests

Step 3:

Decide what you want to add – twigs, boxwood stems, moss, etc.  You can add all or some.  Spray it with the adhesive and place it where you want it.  Consider how real birds make their nests.  It’s not perfect nor is it symmetrical.  Keep things random.

How to make nests with spanish moss and eggs

Step 4:

I placed the eggs where I thought they should go.  When I thought it looked good, I picked up the egg and sprayed the nests and the bottom of the egg.  Press it down and hold it for a few seconds.  It sets that quickly.

How to make nests with Spanish Moss

Step 5:

After we stepped back and admired our work, we sprayed the entire thing (bottom and top) with the Acrylic Sealer.  This will keep it from falling apart and drying out.

Making nests with Spanish Moss DIY

That’s it – Voila – Finito!  You have made a really cute birds nest for Spring or Easter.  I plan to place them all over the house.  The supplies cost a total of $25.  We made 8 nests and had enough to make several more.  Depending on the size, you could easily make 20+ nests with the supplies we had.  I’d say that is a tremendous bargain compared to the nest at Magnolia Market.

And after you’ve made the first one, it will seriously take you about 5 minutes to make the rest.  Super easy, super cute!  Now… go impress your neighbors!

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Easy Step by Step Process on Styling an Easter Table

This time of year I usually have friends asking for help in decorating their tables for a family Easter lunch.  With Spring décor having such beautiful bright colors it’s a fun time to decorate so I’m always excited about it.  This year though, instead of doing it for them, I thought I’d push my little birds/friends out of their comfortable nests and guide them in doing it themselves.  It’s always a great feeling when you’ve accomplished something you find intimidating at first.  So…here is an easy step by step process on styling an Easter table.

DIY styling of an Easter table

Easy Step by Step Process on Styling an Easter Table

1. Choose a theme.  Since it’s Easter, you might choose crosses, bunnies, bird nests, eggs, etc.

2. Choose a color scheme.  Here is where you’ll find your inspiration piece.  I purchased inexpensive gerbera daisy’s in order to choose what colors I wanted to go with.  As you can see, I decided on white, yellow, pink and green.  You might have a favorite set of dishes, napkins, or candle sticks you’d like to incorporate.  Pull your color from that item/inspiration piece.

3. Shop your house for everything you already have that you may want to use.  Spread it all out for easy access.  If you feel you don’t have enough to style your table, ask a friend if she/he has something you can borrow.

Step by step process on how to style an Easter Table

Process on how to style an Easter table

4. Start with your basics.  Do you have a table runner or placemats you want to use?  Since this table is black, I chose a ruffled burlap table runner and green placemats for added color.

5. Then add your inspiration piece.  Place them in the center of your table.  Remember there are people sitting on both sides of the table so each side needs to be festive and pretty.

6. Choose items that speak to your theme from step 1.  In this case, it’s the silver Easter bunny and baby chick.  Aren’t’ they cute?  Found those during our Waco, TX trip at The Findery.  I already had the boxwood balls sitting on large candlesticks on the mantel.  They looked spring like so I borrowed them for the table.

Designing an Easter Table DIY

How to style an Easter table

Decide on how many pieces you want  in your centerpiece.  Perhaps you only want one floral arrangement or maybe 3 smaller pieces.  I like a full table so I’ll add at least 7 pieces.  Odd numbers look best when decorating but remember not to have your pieces so high you have to look around the centerpiece to talk to the person across from you.

7. Play around with the napkins and where you want to place the utensils.  You’ll need to see how much space is left for the Easter centerpiece.

8. Now for the fun part.  Start choosing some of the items you gathered at the beginning.  Spread out your color.  Vary your heights.  Add texture and fill in any holes.

How to style an Easter centerpiece

Guests will need drinks, so leave room for the glasses.  Due to my love of fullness, I’ll probably have to remove the extra colored eggs for the glasses.

You may decide instead that your big ol’ ham and side dishes need to be the centerpiece.  That is totally fine.  Try adding a small decorative piece to each plate instead.  You could use something like the bird nest below.  Or adding an egg cup full of jelly beans would be fun.  Guests will move it to sit above or next to their plates when they sit down.  Or you can just move it for them.  They will have seen the fabulousness already anyway.

How to Style and decorate an Easter table

Whatever you decide, you have now completed the step by step process on styling an Easter table for your family and friends!  Step back and admire your work.  Be proud of yourself!

Decorating your table with Easter Decor DIY

Mathew 28:6  “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”  I just love that verse!  When I read it or say it aloud it’s as if I’m shouting on the inside with happiness.

Happy Easter Friends.  Oh, and send a picture of how you created your own table masterpiece – I’d love to see it!

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