Last weekend The Mister and I went to McKinney TX.  They have the best town square of any town I’ve visited.  Great shopping, great music, great restaurants and great people watching if that’s what you prefer.   I was in search of Christmas decor (early, I know) when I came across a fabulous new (to me) store!  It’s called Doozie’s Corner and it’s a collection of boutiques.

I noticed it from the corner.  The buildings architecture is enough to make you stop but when you look inside the windows, you HAVE to go in.

Entrance to Doozie's Corner in McKinney TX

Look at those old floors and that ceiling and those fun chandeliers.  There are stairs on both ends with booths up top.  If you need farmhouse decor, they’ve got it.  How about unique clothes or floor mats or vintage gift tags?  They’ve got that too.

Window display at Doozie's Corner in McKinney TX

I found several things for my wish list.  Like the fabulous pendant light and metal reindeer in the picture above.  Aren’t they wonderful?!  I’d like to get those reindeer and display them with ribbon and sprigs of greenery around their necks.

I didn’t get a chance to ask about the white mantel in the window. Usually when I find something I’ve been looking for it always has a Not For Sale tag on it.  I’ll make sure and ask/beg/grovel next time I’m there though!  And did you notice the white mesh curtain?  Check out the price. 🙂

Advent calendar found at Doozies Corner in McKinney TX

Besides the pretty churches, I thought this tree shaped Christmas Countdown Calendar was adorable and huge!  Looking for a tobacco basket?  There it is.  And check out the  layered wreath on top.  Pairing it with the beaded wreath can carry your decor all they way through winter.  I picked up 3 of those giant pinecones.  I’ll use them on my front porch light fixture this season.  You’ll see that next month in a Christmas home tour.

Light fixture found at Doozies Corner in McKinney TX

Speaking of light fixtures… this one is a small version of the one I made for Navasota.  You can see it here in this post.  I’ve not thought of adding twigs and branches but that would certainly add to the fall decor.

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Booth inside Doozies Corner in McKinney TX

Y’all if I had a place for this bench, I would have called the Mister and said back up the truck!  I LOVE IT!  Do you remember the antique iron fence panels I mentioned in the last post?  This is what I was talking about!

I’m adding a couple of those pillows to my wish list as well.  Great quotes and great prices.  Want to make a cute Texas impression this gift giving holiday?  How about a Hey Y’all tea towel?!  Yesum, I’ll take two please.

I also purchased a white table leg for $5.00!  It’s chippy and perfect and already has a purpose.  I’m making something super cute and festive with it and will show that off in a future post.

Friends, this is just one fabulous store in McKinney TX.  I strolled into so many and came out with so much.  If you go, let me know – I want to go again.  We could enjoy the music and have lunch or dinner or linner! 😉

Doozie’s Corner * 208 E. Louisiana, McKinney, TX 75069, 214-491-6191,

No this isn’t a paid post… I just loved this store!



Ideas for Repurposing Estate Sale Goodies

Have you ever gone to a garage sale or a thrift shop and seen something that looks cool or different but have no idea what to do with it?  Not me!  I can always come up with some sort if an idea.  It could be a crazy-not-going-to-happen idea, but an idea.  Last weekend the Mister and I went to the Scarecrow Festival in Chappell Hill, TX.  The town is quaint with rolling hills, large trees, wonderful old houses and wow do they know how to put on a festival.  There were bands, vendor booths, a bake sale, bounce houses, clothes galore, a food court and fun for everyone – all benefiting the Chappell Hill Historical Society.

My favorite part though happened to be right in the middle of it all – an estate sale.  Go figure.  It was held in an old house right on the main street.  I found a few things I really liked.  Some in my budget and some not so much but decided to share with you what goes through my head and why I get so excited about repurposing such goodies.

Ideas for Repurposing Estate Sale Goodies:

Antique fencing found at an estate sale can be repurposed into a fireplace screen or wall art


These antique fence parts were way out of my budget.  Honestly, they were asking 100 times more than I’ve found before but they are nice.  I was thinking they could be made into a headboard, a beautiful bench, a gate that welcomes me into the pasture or just garden decor.  What about a fireplace screen or even as a statement piece hung on the wall or over the mantel?  Yes please!


antique plate holder can be repurposed into a gift wrapping station or hold a collection of baseballs or wine bottles


This piece has great detail and of course it could be painted and used as a plate holder but how about using it instead to hold a collection of baseballs?  If you used it as a plate rack, add tea cups by screwing in hooks underneath.  You could also display tea towels by hanging them on the rods.   What about using it to hold wine bottles on one row and glasses on the bottom?  All you’d have to do is cut notches out to slide in the glasses.  Ooh, how about using it as a wrapping paper station?!  The shelves are perfect for holding rolls of ribbon and string.  And you could add a dowel rod to the bottom and hang your favorite wrapping paper for convenience.


Repurpose an old shelf into a pencil holder, plate rack or candle holder


Look at the wonderful chippy paint on this old shelf.  I immediately thought, nope, not a shelf.  I’d turn it flat on it’s back and add it to a desk to hold mail, a stapler, paper clips, etc.  Definitely organization at it’s farmhouse finest.  It could also be hung on the wall horizontally.  If you moved the dividers over a little it could hold paper plates or a display for a collection of dessert plates.  How about placing mason jars in it to hold candles or flowers inside for a unique table centerpiece?  So fun!


Vintage hair dryer would make cute wall art. Found at the Scarecrow Festival in Chappell Hill TX

I wish I had purchased this vintage hair dryer!  About 30 minutes after we left I wanted it.  If it were mine I would cut or shorten the cord and hang it inside an empty frame. Viola, instant vintage adorable wall art.  Everyone that walked into the bathroom would have loved it!

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Antique Hutch will find new purpose

This is the cabinet I could not leave behind.  It may have been used to hold pies or tools for all I know but I wasn’t about to leave it there!  I love the wood color, the worn edges and the size.  It must have been sitting on a porch or in a garage somewhere and each bird that flew by yelled “bombs away” and fired at will.  Cleaning it will be a job but I’m totally smitten and it’s totally worth it.  I will most likely remove the screens and either replace it with more screen, leave it empty or add cute little curtains.  Wouldn’t it be cute if the curtains were vintage tea towels?  I haven’t figured that part out yet but when I do you’ll be the first to see it!

Our home is filled with old stuff that’s been repurposed.  You can see some of that here and here and here.  My hope is when you go to an estate sale and see something old and worn out that you don’t just pass it up.  Instead of thinking you don’t need another plate rack, consider repurposing it into something wonderful and unintended.  Add pieces to your home that tell a story.  Re-purposing is seriously gratifying.  Think of it as recycling.  Oh wait, you’ll be an Upcycler!  Ha – I’m an Upcycler!

Now go forth and hunt.  Hunt for the good stuff and send me a picture when you do something super cool!








Decorating at age 25 when you first get married is sooo way different than when you’re 50 don’t you think?  My first attempt at decorating was when the style was… well, I don’t really think it had a name.  I’ll call it The Era of the Cave.  We had it decked out in burgundy, navy and teal green; teal carpet, teal and white checked linoleum floors, teal striped floral wall paper that covered every wall in our small bedroom and teal laminate counter tops with teal painted walls in our kitchen.  Goodness me, even as I type that out I’m thinking – what was I thinking?!  Well I know what I was saying – “Mhmm, this place looks fabulous.  It all matches”.

Antique Column repurposed into coat rack by

Most of the decorating back then was determined by 3 kids and 2 dogs.  I think if I could have gotten away with plastic furniture and rubber walls and not been mocked as a horrible wife and mother, I would have done it.  Wouldn’t that have been a statement?  Maybe a better statement than the accuracy of a dirty brown streak that ran the length of the walls in the hallway where the kids rubbed their hands every time they walked through or when they smudged their feet on it from deciding that was the perfect place for a camp out.

repurposed bird feeder into kitchen sponge holder by

After being there 13 years, we needed to move.  The Mister drove an hour and a half one way every day to his new job and he thought that 3 hours in the car would be better spent with his family.  No one can argue that so we built a house.  I decided that since the kids were older, we were going fresh and new.  The burgundy plaid sofa we’d found at a garage sale and the coordinating floral chairs we found on the side of the road (all recovered of course) and that burgundy sponge painted cabinet were not coming with us.  The Cave Era was out.

Mercury door knob in Navasota, TX by

Sad thing was, it had been “out” for like 5 years.  But with small kids and a busy life, my days were spent raising kids, not keeping up with the Joneses.

Collection of white dishes and silverware by

This new house was neutral in color because it would be easier to decorate while living life.  Furthermore when the moms came over they wouldn’t judge me for being 5 years behind in decorating.   It had taupe walls, taupe counter tops and taupe floors.  So much brown it was like living inside a Little Debbie snack cake.  But after 5 years, we finally painted something.  It was a wine colored accent wall in the breakfast room.  I know what you’re thinking – Oh my golly she did it again.  She went with burgundy!  But I didn’t.  It was wine colored.  It coordinated with the grape window treatments and the wallpaper border which of course matched the seat cushions on the chairs to the dining table.  Are you thinking I was crazy?  I’m sort of thinking I was.  But everyone liked it.  They thought I had it goin’ on – I was rockin’ it.  Uh yeah, no.  I was rockin’ it like puffy high top tennis shoes with high wasted mom jeans and little did I know the wine style was going out in a year.

Chicken wire cloche made from an old lampshade by

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But as luck would have it, I didn’t have to live with the wine theme after it was out of style.  We were moving again.  Not because the hubby got a new job but because we were tired of the kids being right there with us; right there under our feet, right there when it was time to get ready for school and they shared a bathroom or right there when I was trying to pluck my eyebrows and they came barging in asking if they could use our bathroom.  Yeah, because of that.  When we built the house the kids were so precious we thought they’d love to be with us and we’d be one happy family for decades.  Nope.  They didn’t want to be around us and we didn’t want to listen to every My Little Pony, Littlest Petshop or Pokemon conversation they ever had.

Vignette of antique box with hydrangeas by

The move this time was only 5 houses down on the same street and is the house we live in now.  It didn’t take much to talk the Mister into buying it.  All I had to say was “It has a game room with a door so when extra kids are over we can shut them in and not hear the commotion and each kid will have their own bathroom”.  But you’ve heard me say it before, I should have negotiated better when it came to the decorating.  The Mister told me we could paint the ugly gold walls when we moved in.  8 long years I’ve hated the paint on these walls.  Woe is me – late to the party again.

French lavender in vintage pitcher by

You’ve also heard me say 2018 is going to be my year or maybe that was 2017.  Either way, I’m painting these walls even if I have to hire a graffiti artist to do a walk through railcar touch up.  Question is, will I be 5 years late to the prom with my color choice?  Last week I saw Benjamin Moore Paints announced their new color of the year as “Caliente”.  I literally burst out laughing.  It’s red!  And what did they pair it with besides gray and blue – gold!  Oh My Word , gold! Hahahaha.

Hang a chandelier from the trees outdoors for a fun farmhouse look.

Now that I’m 51, I finally know what I like and can decorate for myself.  I don’t have to worry about kids etc.  And my new choices?  Well, I can say this about my them; the color will be neutral and the decor will be me.  I want a mix of farmhouse charm, a little vintage with repurposed items thrown in everywhere.  And it will for sure scream – Cindy, you are the!  You are going to be in style forever!  Or at least 5 more years.

  I hope you find your style way before I did!

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As y’all know I am a huge Fan O’ Fall.  Well today I’m going to be a Fall Ambassador!  This is a gigantic step for me as a new blogger; sort of blazing a trail of fall inspiration just for you guys.  It’s a Falltober Celebration!  You are able to click on the links below and find a plethora of fall insight.  It’s like shopping at a Fall Mega Mall!  Let me know how you like it.  I can do more of these in the future if you find it helpful.  One quick note – as the “Link Party” progresses, other bloggers will be submitting their ideas so check back in a couple of days to see more fall fab!


Welcome to a Falltober Celebration –

hosted by Barb Garrett and The Everyday Home. 

A Blog Hop showcasing both Fall and Halloween projects! 

Please make sure you visit each of these sites below. 

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The don’ts of decorating a porchette

This is the porch-ette on our house in Highland Village.  This is how it was decorated two years ago.  Actually it’s last years porch-ette too.  We don’t have a nice large porch like so many pictures I’ve saved on Pinterest.   There’s no wide open seating area, no handrail to hold on to, no place to add a little table to eat at – nope, we have this.  But I enjoy it.  I like decorating the large urns for different seasons.

Pumpkin topiaries for outdoor urns

This year everything was faded so I decided to paint the pumpkins and go with softer colors.  Much like the beautiful Heirloom pumpkins.  I thought they’d look great.  Uh yeah, no.  Strike that fabulousness from your mind.  They turned out terrible.

Decorating Do not's from

FAIL!  The large pumpkins would be perfect if our house was on the moon or in a Halloween movie.  Uuuuggghhhh!!!  When I painted the pumpkins on the kitchen table, they looked so pretty.  They had such an interesting blue tone with just the right amount of texture due to the extra 30 minutes of dry brushing.  Uuuuggghhh!!!

So what do you do when they are painfully neon and every time you look at them they seem to mock you?  You add real Spanish moss from Navasota that your sweet hubby drug back at your request.  That didn’t help.  It makes the topiaries more spooky.  Uuuuggghhh!!!

The dont's of fall decorating by

So I took the topiaries apart again and added more white paint to them thinking that was the problem.  Put them together and hated that too.  By now, I’m about to pull my hair out!  I took them apart a 4TH TIME and painted them a totally different color- a mint green with added Heirloom texture and uniqueness.  Then added magnolia leaves from the tree in the backyard.  All the while knowing it was going to work.  Nope, can’t like it.

I believe the problem is that the pumpkins are to pale and washed out.  They don’t show up against our brick and the pumpkins look like they are just floating there and not sitting on urns.  I need to go back to something deeper in color.  Something with orange in it.  I need something that’s going to get me all the way to Thanksgiving not just through to Halloween.

There’s only one problem – I’M SICK OF PAINTING THE PUMPKINS!  They use to have a nice bumpy texture.  I think now, with so many layers of paint, they are as smooth as a babies butt.  Uuuuggghhh!!!

What not to do with fall topiaries.

With all of that said, I went back to the attic looked around and decided on tomato cages and fall garland.  It’s fine.  It’s not magazine beautiful like I wanted but it will hold up until the family arrives on Thanksgiving Day.

Tomato Cage and garland strands for fall decor by CountyRoad407 blog

I left the magnolia leaves and wrapped 3 strands of fall garland on each tomato cage.  Can’t get much easier than that.  And easy is exactly what I needed after this ridiculous attempt at newly improved fall decor.

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Cozy seating area for fall porchette on

Right behind each urn, I can fit a chair on either side.  If we sat there we’d definitely be squished cozy.  But that’s okay too.  We can spy on the neighbors and they’ll never see us.  😉

Gratefully, when the family arrives they won’t judge.  They’ll say “I love the front porchette”.  And I’ll just smile and say “oh it was nothing.  I enjoyed doing it”.  All the while on the inside I’m groaning.

I hope you learned something from this post on The Don’ts of Decorating a Porchette.  I learned that since I have pale brick, I need bright color.  I also learned that next time I want to paint pumpkins, I need to buy more paint.   Uuuuggghhh.

BTW, to make the pumpkin topiaries, all you need is one long dowel rod.  I drilled a hole in the top and bottom of the each pumpkin and gourd.  Then simply stacked them.  No gluing needed.  You can add garland or moss in between the layers or just leave alone.  1, 2, 3 done!