A neighbor popped in the other day and noticed the candle ring I have hanging on a tray and she asked what it was.  This got me to thinking.  Maybe I have other friends that don’t do this – that don’t put candle rings all over to add touches of fall around the house.  So today I’m showing you what else you can do with candle rings.

I actually bought a package of 6 candle rings at First Monday Trade Days in Canton TX a few years ago for $2.00.  I loved them.  They are rustic and colorful and I’ve definitely gotten my $2.00 worth.

Other ways to use candle rings around the house by countyroad407.com


This one hangs in a frame in the guest bathroom.  Doesn’t this frame make a 33 cent candle ring look more sophisticated?


Add a candle ring to door knobs for fall interest. Countyroad407.com


This one hangs on the coat closet in the entry.  The door everyone sees and uses just about everyday.  Not from coats but shoes and backpacks.


How I use candle rings around the house for added touches of fall by Countyroad407.com


Just hanging them here and there simply adds a little more color and a little touch of fall in different areas.


Hang a candle ring on a lamp shade for a touch of fall. Countyroad407.com


Hanging one on a lamp shade is a little out of the ordinary.  🙂


Even adding a candle ring to a rooster makes it more festive for fall. CountyRoad407.com


I’ve even smooshed and squished one into a necklace for the rooster.

Now you know what else you can do with candle rings.  I know each of these decorating ideas probably aren’t in a magazine but I choose to think it’s because they haven’t thought about it, not because it’s weird or ridiculous.

Easy touches here and there show people you’re creative and it’s the little details that make a difference.  It’s a tiny thing that catches someone’s eye and makes them ask what it is.  Oh wait, maybe she was asking with a turned up nose?!  I didn’t think to look at her face when she said it.  :0

If you’d like to see the candle ring she was talking about it’s in the kitchen along with one more.  You can see them in this Fall Home Tour post.

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One thing I’ve noticed at thrift stores is the plethora of used books.  I can usually find them costing ten cents to a dollar.  Sometimes they’ll have a BOGO sale or a BOG2 sale and I can’t pass on a bargain like that.  Why do I need so many books you ask?  Well, I use them almost everywhere!  So today I’m going to show you how I use books in my decor at the farmhouse.

Deconstructed Books

De-constructed books embelleshed with scraps of fabric and twine

I deconstructed the set above by using a sharp blade to cut off the covers.  Then I simply stacked and tied them together with scraps of fabric, ribbon and twine.  The little burlap doily is just another embellishment to make them even cuter than they already are.  These sit on my bedside table/chest. 🙂

deconstructed books used in farmhouse decor

Wow, would you look at that?  No wait, don’t!  I can see dust on the table above!  Goodness, now you know how I roll – blogging before dusting and decorating before baking!  But in my defense, I don’t live here on a daily basis.  Just certain weekends.  Getting back on track – these books are a little more rustic looking and highlight the antler and vintage door knob (hopefully not the dust) .  Ugh.

Painted Books

Painted book with Glidden Paint with Primer that didn't work even after 5 coats

I’ve painted some books with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  That stuff worked like a charm with only one coat.  With the red book above I wasn’t so lucky.  I used left over Glidden Paint with a built in Primer and gave up after 5 coats.  It’s still pink.  See it in the picture below?  I do like pink but not for this project.  The navy and green books turned out fine with the Glidden paint.  In Glidden’s defense though, it doesn’t say it’s for “books”.  But who uses paint only for it’s labeled purposes?  Hello, not me.

Painted books for farmhouse decor

With these lovely painted books I simply used a Sharpie Marker and wrote PRAY on the paper edges.  You could also turn them around and write titles, numbers or anything else really.  These books are sitting above the TV.

Books that were painted and had the word PRAY wtritten on them with a Sharpie pen for farmhouse decor

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Below are two of the other painted books used only to blend in with the table and elevate the clock a bit.  I’d rather have the antique box with hydrangeas and the clock be more noticeable than the white painted books.

White painted books used in farmhouse decor

Color Clumping

If you’d rather not paint or deconstruct books, you can clump like colors together like these below.  I turned them around because the bindings were distracting and I wanted my sons school project to get highlighted rather than the busy bindings.  Isn’t he a beauty – in a weird, crazy kinda way?   Even though it has bulgy googly eyes and a broken tail, you know this momma doesn’t care.  It’s special memories.

books in decor highlighting special objects

I love the cartoon below.  It’s totally me.  But if I had all of the books turned around facing forward or had the book jackets still on, you’d probably not see it.  That’s why I keep similar colors together or turn them around.  It’s less distracting when the book covers and pages are related in color.

Layering books for decor

Layering items in the front and back gives the display depth and excitement.  Like the books below.  All I did was switch out the pale green comic with a coordinating colored sign and then include a wreath behind the books.  Just the added layers make this book vignette more interesting.

tan books with layers for decorating

Different Ideas

Books don’t have to sit on a shelf.  Below I wanted some red so the living room looked more patriotic during the fourth of July celebrations.  So by adding a few books in key areas, it sends your eyes around the room instead of stopping in one place.

red books used in decor to add color for a patriotic display

Different Ideas

Don’t forget cook books can be used in decor too!  This one by The Gathering of Friends is so pretty I don’t want it hidden between stacks of others.  It sits on the counter in the kitchen looking all dainty and sophisticated.  I have about 5 of these recipe books.  If you can find one, get it.  They are beautiful!  The book holder is from them as well.  I added the silver spoon with hot glue to the top.  It’s so stinkin cute – I love it!

recipe book used for decor in kitchen

Well there you have it, that’s how I use books in my decor.  Next time you’re at the thrift shop or at a garage sale, pick up some books and go crazy implementing them into your decor.  I bet you can come up with a few ideas I’ve not thought of.  And if you do have a brain surge, don’t forget to tag me when/if you share them on Instagram!











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Vintage Inspired July 4th Decor

Now that I have a farmhouse to take care of I can’t go all Hobby Lobby or chain craft store on it.  I decided this year when decorating for July 4th, I wanted something different and something with vintage charm.

Whatever I found needed to be inexpensive, fun and festive.  So Macy (our middle child) and I went to Tomball, TX which is about 35 minutes east of Navasota.  My goodness I think we visited 5 or so antique shops with some of them having 15 plus rooms.  It was awesome!

The best part is I found a my vintage inspired July 4th decor!  I bought a couple of vintage tea towels, a sugar sack and a piece of vintage fabric all in shades of red, white and blue.

Vintage fabric swatches for different July 4th decor inspiration

Because of the fabric sizes, I decided to make pillows out of them.  I love pillows.  The Mister does not.  He doesn’t understand that in order for my feet to touch the ground, I need a pillow behind my back – oh the life of a girl who’s only 5’4″ with shoes on (insert rolling eyes).

I decided to sew the edges but it’s just as easy to use fabric glue.  I’ve found that works very well.  When the edges were sewn, I stuffed them with poly-fil and viola… super cute pillows.

Here’s my vintage inspired July 4th decor:

Here are 3 of the new pillows I made.  Aren’t they cute?  I added things we already had like the red vintage books, an old crock and my son’s crazy middle school project (not vintage but loved) in the tray.

Sofa with vintage pillows made for the July 4th decor

July 4th decor made with vintage fabrics for pillows, vintage books in an old crock


The table behind the sofa has a framed vintage flag for added color.

July 4th decor with vintage flag and books


Here’s another pillow.  This one is a blue and white striped ticking fabric.

White slip covered chair with blue and white ticking pillow and July 4th decor on side table


I used more of the red vintage books (can you tell we have quite the set of red books) and added a ribbon around the cowbell.  The hand stitched cloth in the frame was made in 1952 for the Misters dad.  I’m crafty but definitely do not have enough patience or crafty genes for that – I’m super impressed though!

vintage books and cow bell with hand stitched cloth in frame for July 4th farmhouse decordecor


Here is another pillow.  It’s paired with a vintage quilt and an old pitcher with gardenias.

July 4th decor with vintage books, old crock and vintage insulator


vintage books, old pitcher with red flowers and a vintage insulator for July 4th decor

There you go, my vintage inspired July 4th decor for a beloved farmhouse.  With the touches of red, white, blue, vintage charm, and old pieces that mean a lot to the family, I think the Mister’s great grandmother, grandmother and mom would enjoy the festive pops of color – I know I do.

I hope you decorate for July 4th and if you have the desire for a farmhouse look, check out places that don’t have 20 of the same thing sitting on the shelf.  It’s fine if you want that look.  I actually have several pieces from a big box store.  Just don’t go all crazy!

Anyway, I love the colors so much and because I put forth an effort, albeit small, I’ll probably keep it up through summer.  😉













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DIY Barbed Wire Wreath

If you drive around in the country you’ll see several barbed wire fences.  And if you’ve ever had the same fence, you know there are many reasons to change it out; rust, it stretched out, upgrading, broken from animals, or like us, you could have a tree fall on it.  Well since country people (that’s what we are in this post) are great recycler’s, I thought a DIY Barbed Wire Wreath would be a perfect use for the discards.

Materials Needed:

  • Barbed wire
  • Pliers
  • Zip Ties
  • Scrap pieces of fabric (at least 36″ long)

If you don’t have barbed wire sitting around, you can look for some on country roads, ask a Rancher (I bet he has some he’d love to give away), and check areas around the suburbs where they are tearing down the fence to build houses.  They too will probably give you as much as you want.


How to make a Barbed Wire Wreath

We started out with several pieces each about 4 foot in length.  That’s just what we had and it seemed to be manageable.  The Mister couldn’t stand watching me struggle to bend and wrap it so he had the grand idea of using plastic zip ties.  Those things are awesome.  Best part is he did most of the remainder of the work. 😉

DIY barbed wire wreath using zip ties to hold it in place

After bending and tying the first two strands, we occasionally wrapped another piece around weaving it in and out. With every piece of wire we used a couple of zip ties to keep it secure.  When the barbed wire strands got to be a little much to hold with our hands, we started using pliers to bend the wire around and hold things in place.

Making a barbed wire wreath using pliers and zip ties

Once we got about two rings done, it seemed to go fairly fast.   When I felt the wreath was as thick and as large as I wanted it to be, the Mister used the pliers to clamp and tightly bend the ends around each other.

Wrapping the end pieces with pliers for a DIY barbed wire wreath

When it was completely secure and we knew if wouldn’t unravel or spring apart, he cut the zip ties off with scissors.

No matter how rustic or simple, you know I can’t leave an unadorned wreath, right?  🙂  I gathered left over scraps of fabric and ribbon to make a bow.

fabric and ribbon scraps to make a bow for barbed wire wreath

I cut and ripped 2 inch wide strips of drop cloth and muslin in about 36″ lengths.  Stacked three layers of fabric and ribbon together and simply tied a bow to the piece of barbed wire that was sticking out the most.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

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Display Options

DIY wreath made from barbed wire displayed with bow on a metal shelf

I love how it turned out and the juxtaposition of the rusty wire with the soft bow.  It’s not that heavy so it can hang anywhere.  Only thing you need to watch out for is that it can scratch wood, walls, glass, etc. if it rubs against it.  I managed to move it around to several places trying to decide where I wanted it to hang.  Do I want it sitting on the shelf I got on my very first trip to First Monday Trade Days in Canton TX?

barbed wire wreath hanging above stove in farmhouse kitchen

Or maybe hanging above the stove in the kitchen?  What about inside the blue door that hangs on the two-story wall in our entry?


DIY barbed wire wreath haning in entry on window and door collage wall

I had a lot of fun moving it from place to place while the Mister was so kind (and patient) taking pictures.  I decided to let it hang in the entry after all but have it on the landing shelf located in the middle of the stairs.

I’ll tweak it a little because it’s not actually sitting 1/3 to the right in the old window frame.  That sort of thing will drive me crazy and quite possibly make me lose sleep.  And I know one day when I’m bored, I’ll change out the decor that sits around it.  But for now, I’m done.

Stairway landing that is decorated with DIY barbed wire wreath, finials and an old window frame

Hope y’all like it and want to make one for yourself.  If you have any questions, let me know – I’ll be happy to help!




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Today I need a little Farmhouse décor for motivation

Last night I woke about 4 am dwelling over the long list of things I need to get done today here at our everyday house; mounds of laundry, the floors, the bathrooms, empty the dishwasher etc.  Knowing I’d much rather be decorating or repurposing something, I decided instead to write a blog post. 😉  So today before I get to the chores, I think I’ll share a few pictures from the house in Navasota of the farmhouse décor for motivation.  You know, some days a girl just needs to see something pretty for a little pick-me-up.

Before Pics  – The good, the bad, and the ugly!


As you can see, my in-laws loved recliners.  Each corner of the room had one and they sat blocking the doors.  For the life of me I don’t get the appeal of recliners.  I know tons of people who love them (mostly men) but years ago I decided it was my mission to rid the world of giant recliners – you’ll thank me later.

But other than the chairs blocking the doorways and the entertainment unit way to big for the room, the paint color isn’t my thing either.  Dark gold walls don’t say farmhouse.  What does say beautiful farmhouse are the doors themselves.  And the trim.  And the huge baseboards.  And the original windows.  Those things make my heart skip a beat.


This is the only living area.  I heard that many decades ago the cousins would come visit and they’d all line up on the floor to sleep in here; each fighting to be near a window to feel the breeze.  Listening to that story, I didn’t think of the fun they had being together.  All I could think was gracious me, I’m so grateful the in-laws installed central heat and air!  I am positive I wouldn’t be so fond of this house if I were vying for a space in front of a window.


But after several weekends and a few long weeks, we finally got it all cleared out, sold, and donated. Every time we left to come home I felt as if we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies taking a load over to Fred Sanford.  The truck was crammed full of trash bags, junk we couldn’t take to the dump or items we were taking to Fort Worth for the estate sale.

After Pics – The pretty, the restful, and the lovely.

livingroom Farmhouse décor right corner

But under all that moldy furniture from the early 90’s (gotta love burgundy, forest green and navy), there were several pieces I wanted to keep.  I knew I could shine them up and they’d fit right in with my love of vintage, Farmhouse style.   We purchased new seating from Ikea.  I love the Ektorp collection.  The Mister still thinks I’m crazy for wanting white sofa’s but I know the slip covers will hold up for many washings.

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livingroom Farmhouse décor front door

livingroom Farmhouse décor left corner

livingroom Farmhouse décor tv area

There are several things I want to tell you regarding the different pieces in the living room but I’ll save that for another post.  Thanks for hanging around and I hope you are motivated as much as I am by this Farmhouse décor.  Now for the laundry – bleh.