A few updates for the farmhouse front porch

About 2 weeks ago the Mister worked hard disking, leveling and seeding two of the pastures hoping for some Bermuda growth.  We went back this last weekend to check on it.  Sadly there was nothing.  I take that back, there were numerous weeds.  I think it just needs more water but really what do I know, I have a very brown thumb.  Instead of pouting about it, I spent most of the time sitting and reflecting back on what it was like a year ago.  So I thought I’d share with you a few updates for the farmhouse front porch.

Farmhouse porch with moss covered trees and a pasture view

The porch still needs some love and repair in some places.  Last year when it was scrubbed and washed the paint started peeling up.  New paint and landscaping is on our to do list, but for now, we don’t look at that part. We just rock away looking at the moss covered trees and enjoy the pasture views along with breakfast.

Farmhouse front porch with rocking chairs and breakfast

The porch has been fun to decorate even though I don’t spend much money on decorations.  The plants don’t get watered, bugs like fancy décor, and we don’t get to spend enough time down there to justify the spending.  So the July décor was all free because it was stuff left over from last year.

country front porch on July 4th

The tiny blue chair below is a favorite. It’s held plants, magazines, sweet tea and even little bottoms.

country front porch with spring decor

farmhouse front porch with lavendar and magazines being held down with vintage insulator

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One décor item that I use quite often and again is totally free, is the abundance of wildflowers we have around there.  This weekend I went a little crazy and picked several different varieties.   I also learned to check them for bugs before bringing them in the house… yuck, gross and won’t do that again!

farmhouse front porch with country wildflowers in mason jars for added spring decor

The porch had a teeny tiny ceiling fan at one time but I have no clue when it lost its blades.  All that was left was an ugly white globe that didn’t put out much light at all.  I put my ingenious repurpose thinking cap on and remembered I had a large piece of iron that wasn’t being used.  Mr. Wonderful screwed it on the ceiling and we added left over C9 Christmas lights to it.  It has 2 strands and honestly that’s overkill but now it’s super bright and much nicer to look at.

farmhouse front porch with new iron light fixture with Christmas lights

Every window had a filthy black wooden screen.  When they were taken down to clean the windows, so much light poured inside that we haven’t put the screens back on.  I know some of you are saying that was a mistake or a bad idea, but the windows were painted shut decades ago so they can’t be opened and now you can see the original wavy window glass.  Plus the windows have fabulous thick casings around them so this farmhouse porch is still totally charming.

One day the repairs will no longer be avoidable.  I think I’d like to paint the ceiling pale blue.  I’ve been told that helps with flies but the Mister doesn’t like that look and tells me that blue paint isn’t going to deter flies.  Again, what do I know.  I’m new to this whole country thing anyway.

Maybe I’ll add curtains on the corners if I don’t get the ceiling painted.  Ooh, maybe I’ll use mosquito netting instead of cotton or canvas!  I’ll keep you posted on that too.






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Welcome Home Wednesdays

Texas Birthday Bash

Being “weekenders” in Navasota, we are lucky to have several small towns close by that are always having some sort of shindig.  This weekend was the Texas Birthday Bash and Washington-on-the-Brazos (the birth place of Texas) was celebrating its 171st year of being Texas.   Navasota had vendors, a chili cook off, food trucks, a petting zoo and live music all weekend.

Navasota Birthday Bash

Texas Birthday Bash Ceiling Tile TexasTexas Birthday Bash Ceiling Tile Horse

The pictures above are handmade pieces by Bobby Boyd.  The ceiling tiles were salvaged from buildings in the early 1900’s.  Wouldn’t you love a DIY for these?!  So pretty.

For me, the real fun was the petting zoo.  Such cuties.  It had been raining so the coat on the baby lamb felt like wet carpet.  It definitely doesn’t repel like a ducks.  Poor little thing.

Texas Birthday Bash Petting Zoo LlamaTexas Birthday Bash Petting Zoo Lambs

Texas Birthday Bash Petting Zoo DeerTexas Birthday Bash Petting Zoo Goat

Washington on the Brazos

Washington on the Brazos Entrance

Bridge to Barrington Farm

Next we went up the road about 10 minutes to Washington-on-the-Brazos.  We toured the Barrington Living History Farm which is handcrafted reproduction log buildings and working croplands of a Brazos Valley farm, circa 1850.

Washington on the Brazos Anson Jones House

Clothes line Anson Jones House

Being there made me so glad I was born in the sixties.  No way do I want to pluck and eat my own chickens.  They are cute walking around and I’ve seen some swanky chicken coops, but close up, chickens are down right ugly.  Warning!  If you do not like the look of nubby red weird flappy things on a chicken head, close your eyes while you scroll down!  Gross.

I absolutely believe the people living back then invented recycling.  From using every part of the pig to making toys from left over pieces of corn – they didn’t waste a thing.

Handmade cornhusk dolls and toys Barrington Farm

Overall the weekend down south was very enjoyable.  The Bluebonnets were in bloom, we found a new yummy restaurant in Bellville, TX and we got to enjoy the beautiful countryside.   Life is good.

Texas Bluebonnets in Navasota

Contact me if you ever want to visit Navasota.  We can help you plan fun things to do and see.  We might even have a place you could stay!  Wouldn’t that be splendid – staying with us?!  You could expect a room with a view, fresh towels, great conversation and entertainment, family style meals and indoor plumbing!  What you cannot expect is a valet or covered parking, someone to make your bed everyday or room service.  Let me sum it up this way.  It’s more like a 3 start Motel with a 5 star attitude.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

Why this city girl wants to be country

This is the land we will inherit one day.  It’s just outside Navasota, Texas.  I jokingly (not) call it Navanasty, Navastinky and Navanowhere.  It’s humid, it’s hotter than-you-know-where in the summer and there are lots of bugs and x-large mosquito’s.  But look at that view!  It’s 11 acres of tall pine trees, cedar trees and gorgeous oak trees with Spanish moss hanging from the limbs.  Honestly, the driveway near the house is something you’d read about in a book.

Driveway before finishing the trimming

Navasota Driveway

Can you see why I’ll enjoy being there; sitting on the porch, watching the cows and wishing we could stay longer than 3 days?  If it were up to the Mister, we’d live there right now but the house needs a ton of clearing out, repairs and updates.  Not to mention, we still have one kiddo still with us at home.  But after a few weekends, I know it will be even more beautiful than the picture.

Pasture with mommas and babies

Years ago the family had large outdoor parties and huge Easter egg hunts with potluck dinners.  And when I say huge, there were over 150 hidden eggs.  Can you imagine?  They didn’t use plastic eggs either.  They were all real.  There was a designated “golden egg” that was dyed gold and the “booby” egg was dyed dark and ugly.  Even the adults participated in the hunt.  If you found the golden egg, you won a prize.  Not sure what happened when you found the booby egg.  My husband says he never found either one so he really doesn’t remember what happened but says the prize was clearly not the better of the two prizes.  I’m am sure they had to have had eggs for each meal.  Deviled eggs, egg salad, scrambled eggs, egg drop soup, egg surprise, eggs and more eggs!

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Farmhouse in Navasota, TX

My husbands family would visit at least once a month so he grew up there.  Extended family lives on the surrounding properties and years ago it was about 180 acres.  Now it’s only about 80.  I love hearing him tell us about getting up early in the morning and wandering the property until dark.

The house is definitely cute and has been pretty well taken care of.  It just needs some lovin.  We’ve been working on it and I’ll share more pics next time and more stories of the house that still lives.  But for now, I wanted you to see why this city girl who loves living in Highland Village, TX where everything is within 3 miles could possibly want to leave that all behind and move to the tiny town of Navasota, TX.





Hello!  This is my first post in the blogging world and I’m super excited to start this new journey.  Since my husband and I are soon to be empty nesters, we have decided to one day move from the suburbs of DFW to a small town in south Texas.  You know, where most people have bad hair days, it’s hot, humid and can make a girl like me get a little testy (insert rolling eyes).   The property has been in the family over a hundred years and we inherited the old farmhouse which was a wedding promise to his great grandmother.  How romantic is that?!?!  I will post all about how we’re repairing/fixing it up and how I’ve redecorated it with my love of farmhouse/vintage/repurposed/rustic style.  I’ll also chat about how we are going to make this transition work and why we have decided to become hobby ranchers.  Oh my golly, even as I type that out, I cannot believe it.  And I say hobby because the Mister will still have his IT Genius job and I’ll keep on decorating.  I look forward to becoming great friends.  Follow along so you don’t miss a thing!

BTW – The picture is of the Misters childhood headboard that I repurposed into a welcome sign.  I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and stood it against a tree just up the drive.  I’ll blog about that soon! 😉