An afternoon spent in Bryan, Texas

My daughter and I decided to spend an afternoon in Bryan, Texas and get a little shopping done.  First of all, don’t go on a Monday.  Most of the antique stores were closed but we enjoyed it anyway.

I think the Bird’s Nest Gifts and Antiques was my favorite.   They have old stuff, new stuff, great stuff made from vintage stuff, rusty, chipped and galvanized stuff.  It was a virtual Disney World of fabulous finds.

Interior view of The Bird's Nest Antique shop in Bryan, Texas


Look at this revamped lamp made with a vintage hat!  I can totally see that in a little girls room or on top of a bookshelf or vanity.  Those crocheted cups and saucers would give a different look to a retro Christmas tree, don’t you think?

Vintage lamp made from vintage hat found at the Bird's Nest Shop in Bryan, Texas


Something else that spoke to me was this kitchen towel… You can see why for yourselves and I think it makes a perfect birthday gift.  😉

Kitchen towel found at the Bird's Nest Antique Shop in Bryan, Texas


We could have stayed for hours and not seen everything.  One of my purchases was a large galvanized bell.  There’s one hanging on the left side of the super cute mantel below.

Interior glance of the Bird's Nest Store in Downtown Bryan, Texas

After leaving there we wandered over to Market 1023.  They also had unique finds.  Like circa whenever-the-first-computer-came-out computers, perfect condition retro dresses, lamps made from vintage fans, handmade wood and pipe tables, and repurposed items like this bed spring which I can see hanging over a bed like a canopy.  So fun.

Repurposed bedspring made into bed canopy found at The Market 1023 in Bryan, Texas

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Look at these frames hanging from the ceiling like artwork.  Wouldn’t that be a distinctive idea in your home?  All you need is an old frame, a bottle, string and chain to make this awesome statement.  I actually think this would make a cool room divider!

Frames with bottles found at the Market 1023 in Bryan, Texas

All this shopping made us hungry so we moseyed over to Caffe’ Capri for some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had.  I’m not one to take pictures of my food- sorry.  You’ll have to trust me – it was delicious.


I hope you get down south to Bryan/College Station sometime.  It isn’t just filled with college students, Aggie fans and people that seriously bleed maroon.  The Downtown area has history, culture and beautiful architecture like the Carnegie Public Library .  When was the last time you’ve been in one of those? There’s the Lasalle Hotel built in 1928 where you can stay with your pet, an open air theater called The Palace with live concerts, several antique/gift stores, a theater called The Grand Stafford or one identified as The Queen  and more places than you can eat at in a week’s time.

After all of that gallivanting, contact me and I’ll direct you to Navasota, TX  so you can visit us.  But give us a couple of hours to fancy up the place, make a new batch of sweet tea and bake a pie (a la mode with Blue Bell Ice Cream of course)!








Teacups aren’t just for sipping tea

When I admitted to being a plate-a-holic in this post, I should have confessed to being infatuated with vintage teacups and saucers too.  They are so charismatic and lovable.  They aren’t just for sipping tea either.  No… they have way more potential then that. Here are a few pictures of my very own tiny collection.

Vintage Teacup collection displayed in glass birdcage

These are displayed inside a French looking glass birdcage.  My intention was not to collect them but gather a few and turn them into individual yet exceptionally impressive treasures.   But as you can see above, I haven’t.  It’s been hard parting with them (insert tiny violin).

brightly colored vintage teacups and saucers

The colors, the daintiness, the sound they make when you place the cup on the saucer.  Just having them around makes me feel more sophisticated.

Stacked antique cups and saucers

I can see myself now – ringing the bell, asking for tea then sitting down on a velvet settee with a friend discussing the garden as we remove our long white gloves.  In my best Dowager voice, “Oh, here’s the tea.  Would you like one lump or two?  What, you can’t talk flowers and butterflies?  You’re down in the dumps?  Well don’t be a defeatist dear, it’s very middle class“.   Then you hear me clink and slurp.  LOL  Anyone else miss Downton Abby besides me?!

Hand painted vintage teacup and saucer in gold and lilac

Okay onto the reason for this post.  You don’t have to be like me.  Well you could, I am fantabulous.  But just in case, there are oodles of wonderful ideas for teacups and saucers.

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Teacup Ideas:

How about making a gorgeous teacup wreath like this?  I think it would take a lot of hot glue but totally worth it!

Teacup wreath with plate created by Anna Lowry

Photo by Anna Lowry


This idea is genius and very accommodating to the birdies (uh and the squirrels).

Teacup bird feeder by Bushel and a Peck

Found on Bushel and a Peck


What about this unique candelabra as a statement centerpiece?  Yes, please.

teacup candelabra made with vintage cups and saucers

Found on Southern Vintage


None of those tip your teacup?  What about these?

A Teacup Clock

Or this adorable Herb Garden

Or a Teacup Garden under a cloche

Or a Teacup Candle – I’ve made this one.  And it makes a great gift for another vintage lover like me!

Or Curtain Tiebacks – say whaaat?!

Or a Teacup Lamp or a Teacup Pendant Light

Surely you can begin to understand my infatuation with teacups and saucers – right?  Have you made something extraordinary?  Send a picture!  Better yet, have me over for tea and we’ll put our pinkies up and chat about it.   😉







Guest Bedroom Screams Farmhouse Charm

The farmhouse in Navasota has 3 bedrooms.  You’ve seen most of the living room in this post and some of the dining room in this post.  Today I’ll show you the guest bedroom.  It’s a small awkward “L” shaped room with wallpaper.  Even though the crazy busy flowery wallpaper isn’t my first, second or third choice, I’d rather make it work than take the time to remove it.  Bleh – what a time consuming, not-so-pleasant job that is.  Even with all of those quirks, this guest bedroom screams farmhouse charm.

Navasota guest bedroom screams farmhouse charm

Initially, there were two twin beds squeezed in here and one day we’ll go back to that, but for now, it looks like this.  The room faces east so lots of light comes in during the morning and throughout the day.

But besides the eye crossing wall paper that I think was hung upside down, can you see the white painted wood floor?  I think that’s my favorite part.  Yeah they’re scratched up but goodness me, they’re super easy to clean and it helps keep this room bright and happy.

To give this room a bit more farmhouse charm, I added an antique door that we made into a lamp.  Purchased the door about 5 years ago in Canton at the First Monday Trade Days for $20 bucks and knew one day I’d do something awesome with it.  The lamp came from Pottery Barn but I got it from a Facebook garage sale site for only $15.  The shade was beige so I used left over chalk paint to cover it and the Mister screwed it in so the cord comes out of the back.

Farmhouse charm with this chippy bed made out of an old spindle bed

Here is the other side of the room.  Can you see yourself sitting there on that adorable bench looking out at the cows, drinking coffee and spending time with the Lord?  Me too!  Well I’d have a Diet Coke but you get the drift.

Mr. Wonderful made the bench using the headboard as the back, the footboard for the sides and the side rails as the support beam across the front.  I L.O.V.E. it and will show you a DIY about that soon.

For now it just has a folded quilt on the seat but eventually I’ll get around to making a cushion.  Haven’t done that yet because the foam for the padding is really expensive.  I’m talking $50 dollars expensive w/a coupon.  Say whaaat – I know, right?!  Not happening when we have so many other things we want to do to this little house.

Spindle Bench with chippy paint shows farmhouse charm

White chippy paint is another farmhouse charmer and something I never tire of.

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I made the pillows from old bank bags I found at the Round Top Antique Fair.  The bags were $10 and the vintage keys were 50 cents.   Got the stuffing from Hobby Lobby (50% off of course) and tied them with scrap ribbon.   Any time you can use vintage items and repurpose them, you’ll can get the look of farmhouse charm.  Oh and quilts – always try and use quilts.

Taking the bindings from books gives you the look of farmhouse charm

Removing the bindings from books can also give you the same look.  Just tie them with twine or an assortment of left over ribbon like I did.  The silver bowl was $2.00.  Like it for its flowery edges.  And the rusty old bed spring that holds a fabulous smelling candle (no, I won’t burn it) was a whole dollar.

Well I think that about does it for the Navasota guest bedroom.  This room has it’s own half bath and maybe I’ll post about that later on but honestly, it’s a half bath and even though it’s decorated super cute, who really wants to see a picture of a toilet?   No stanks.

Looking back at all we’ve accomplished with this little house, I think The Mister’s mom, grandma, and great grandma would smile at the new changes.  I know I do.  😉

Deuteronomy 5:16 – “Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

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Confessions of a plate addict and where to find them

Since I confessed to having an obsession with columns in the last post, I thought I’d go ahead and come squeaky clean and out of the closet about my other addictions.  Does anyone else have any addictions for material possessions?  I know that sounds terrible but I’m not so bad as to grab the dishes if the house were on fire or cry if they all broke, but I do love them so – hence the confessions of a plate addict.

Here at our house in Highland Village, we have dishes for everyday meals, plates for Mexican food, summer plates, a set for fall and Thanksgiving, even a set for Christmas.  I also have several special dishes for birthdays or holidays like Valentine’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day.

I get teased a lot by my family.  Just to irritate me, they’ll use the fall plates during spring time!  Ugh – feel the love?  But because I love them all (the plates not the kids – just kidding!), I over look the sarcasm and continue my journey to find more.

White dish decor

White dishes are my absolute fave.  They go with every place mat and with each season.  I know what you’re thinking, what do you mean season…no one does that!  Well I do and white goes with them all. 😉  Some are antique ironstone from England like the chamber pot in the picture above and some are pieces I’ve purchased from stores like HomeGoods.  Look at that little gravy boat.  It’s also an antique from the 1920’s.  What makes it so special is that it was a gift from my BFF!    I will treasure it always.

Antigue Ironstone chamber pot from England

antique white oval platters

Can anyone really go wrong with white serving platters?  Of course not.  You can mix old with new, traditional with modern, simple with extravagant if you’d like.  Not one in the stack above is the same color but they still look great together.  Yet another reason to love white dishes.

white plate with deer emblem

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Stacked white dishes with scrolled detail

Okay, here comes another confession… I also adore antique silver or silver plated utensils.  I started collecting them a few years ago because I wanted them to use as hooks on the antique columns I was redoing.  You can see those here in this post.

antique spoons on oval plates

Look at them.  Each are beautiful in their own tarnished, well worn, elegant way.  Most of the pieces range from 50 cents to a dollar.  Occasionally if it was one I thought was really different, I’d pay $2.00.  The forks and knives are the least expensive.  Don’t be afraid to mix them together with a place setting though.  They look awesome when paired with any white dishes.

White dishes with antique spoon handles

Where to find white dishes

Where to find antique silver

  • Antique Stores and Malls (usually sold in full sets but you can find some individuals)
  • Estate Sales/Garage Sales (usually by the piece)
  • Vintage Trade Shows
  • Facebook – Online trading post/garage sale sites in your area
  • Your grandmothers attic

I think I might have enough white dishes for now only because a year ago I was at my nieces gorgeous wedding.  She had rented the most stunning plates for the reception dinner.  I was just beside myself looking at everyone’s plates.  They had pink ones, green ones, blue ones and yellow ones.  Flowery ones, some with birds, gold rimmed and silver rimmed.

Just imagine setting a place with both a white plate and a vintage flowery plate on top.  Oh my golly, I can see it!  Anyone up for having a tea party with me?!  I’ll set the table if you’ll cook.  Or we could just sit and sip looking at the gorgeousness of the place settings before us.  Sigh.

Repurposing an Antique Column

Once upon a time when we first moved to Highland Village in 2004, the road that led to our house was 2 lanes with a Super Target on one corner, an unsightly storage facility across from it and large heavily wooded ranch properties on the other two corners.  But one day I noticed workers starting to tear down the trees around the 100+ year old country house that sat there empty for years.

Usually, I’d be sad to see the large trees go and progress come in, but that day I was thrilled.  I decided to drive my little Honda Pilot over the bumps and through the field to grandmother’s house.  Not to deliver a basket of cookies (unless that is what it would have taken) but to smile real big and ever so sweetly ask if I could have the 6 porch columns on that old house.   To my amazement, they said sure!  Told me to come back tomorrow and they’d help me load ’em up.  Repurposing an antique column is a true fairy tale ending for me.

Repurposed antique column into coat rack

Have you ever been infatuated with something?  Not someone, we’ve probably all been there, but truly infatuated with a material object?   I’ll come clean and admit to having several things I adore and columns is one of those things.  I want old columns, square columns, fluted columns, short columns, fat columns.  I don’t discriminate and try not to hoard them either.  They get repurposed and are given new life.  I’ve even sold a couple of them.

Most of them are perfect just the way they are.  Some come with old chippy paint, some scarred and scratched up.  Others are simple in black, white, or cream.   The only thing usually wrong with them is they need a base in order for them to stand on their own.  Depending on the look you want, you can use the wooden or fiberglass bases found at Lowe’s. or iron brackets like these from Hobby Lobby.

Antique and repurposed column with silver spoon

You can use all sorts of things as hooks.  This one above has antique silver spoons that the Mister rolled and bent with a dowel rod.  Then he drilled a hole into the handle of the spoons with a drill bit to hold the screws.

You can also choose different cast iron hooks from Hobby Lobby (all 50% off of course).  Try old tools like trowels or hand shovels as hooks.  Old knobs look great and I’ve even used silver forks and knives as well.

Each column has turned out differently.  If you already have a column or come across one and are stuck with what to do with it.  Here are a few ideas to help.

Ideas for Repurposing an Antique Column

  • Turn it into a Welcome sign for the front porch
  • The obvious – backpacks, coats, scarves and hats
  • Add framed pictures for a unique display
  • Top it with a birdhouse
  • Hang plants or bird feeders from the hooks
  • Use it for jewelry
  • Turn it into a table
  • Turn it into a floor lamp
  • Wrap it with string lights and add garland etc.
  • Hang Christmas stockings from it

Antique column with silver spoons and lavender

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Old column on porch with bucket


Here are a few ideas found on the world wide web that are quite lovely.


Antique Column with knobs

Credit Living Vintage


Antique column made into birdhouse

Credit Deposito Santa Mariah


Post made into Welcome Sign

Credit 9 o’ clock Dance of Joy!


As you can see from the pictures above, there are several ideas for repurposing old columns.  I love how each one is so unique.  I hope this inspires you to check your local antique stores, estate sales, architectural salvage yards or even an old vacant house just begging for a visit.  Lug that baby home and it into a masterpiece.  Have you repurposed something you are proud of?  Make a comment below and tell us all about it!