Repurpose a Vintage Milk Can

Repurpose a Vintage Milk Can

A couple of weeks ago, the Mister and I thought we’d head to Gainesville, TX to check out Lavender Ridge Farms.  By the time we got there, we sat on the road to enter about 20 minutes just barely inching up.  We finally rolled down the window and asked someone going the opposite direction what the hold up was ahead.  She told us that from the point we were sitting on the road we’d have about another hour of waiting before we got to the gate!  What the monkey man.  No lavender farm is worth an hour and a half wait on a dusty road.  We hadn’t had lunch yet and we had no provisions!

So we turned around and decided to check out the local square instead.  Walking thru we heard lots of people saying they turned around too.  This made lunch options dismal.  We finally found a place that could seat us called The Main Street Pub.  Even though it wasn’t my first or fifth choice, I was glad to see it.  The air conditioning was working, they had empty tables, sweet tea and the food and service were great.  You could tell they had been swamped and a little overwhelmed by the crowds but I give them a 2 thumbs up rating for sure.

Now that our bellies were full, we checked out a few antique stores and came across one that was closing down.  The only thing I found I really wanted was a vintage milk can.  It didn’t have a tag on it so I was going to pass.  I totally hate having to ask for a price on things.  If you don’t know this about me, here it is, I hate disappointing people.  If the price is too high I’ll have to say no which I feel disappoints them because they want a sale.  I know, it sounds ridiculous but I cannot help it.

   Rusty vintage milk can before painting

vintage milk can handle with rust before painting

Anyway, Mr. Wonderful swayed me into asking.  It took about 5 minutes to get up the courage but I did.  She walked outside to see what I was talking about and said it’s $20.00 so you can have it for $10.00.  I said with a big cheeky grin – I’ll take it!  The rest of the day, the Mister kept saying – aren’t you glad you asked?  Yeah yeah, enough already.  I’m glad, I’m glad.

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It had several dents and a ton of rust but it had potential. After a good cleaning I used a Rustoelum spray paint to act as a primer.  Then after drying I used the left over Fat Paint in Mountain Haze.  Same paint I used on the DIY galvanized table in this post.  That stuff really goes a long way!

Vintage Milk can after primer paint

Here is what the vintage milk can looks like now.  I could have sanded it or used a steel bristle brush to clean it but I like the added texture.

Vintage milk can after using Fat Paint

The mouth on the can is large so adding a tray and using it as a side table was ideal.  It holds my magazine, popcorn and lemonade perfectly.

tray used for a side table on vintage milk can

There are so many ideas for using a vintage milk can.  I’ve listed several below and hope you can find inspiration on repurposing one for yourself!

Ideas for repurposed vintage milk cans:

Hope you can find a vintage milk can one day and turn it into something fabulous!









  1. July 19, 2017 / 9:44 am

    This is the most clever idea for repurposing I have seen lately!!! How did you think to use the vintage milk can as a side table??!! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration Link Party 🙂

    • July 19, 2017 / 6:19 pm

      Inspiration must have come from its size. We like it. Thanks for visiting Christina!