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Projects my hubby “The Mister” has done.  Projects will contain step by step instructions or helpful hints that have made a difference to us.

How to make a Parcel Box from Pallets

As we all know, a necessity in life is getting mail; bills, letters and cards (yes, some people still do the handwritten thing), wedding invitations, junk mail, etc.  But when you are out in the country and your very long driveway has a gate, the UPS man cannot drive up and plop things at your door like in the city.  So again out of necessity, you need a Parcel Box.  You know, for all that online shopping your daughter does because it’s at her finger tips and dad has Amazon Prime.

Anyway, we had requirements.  It needed to lock, it needed to fit large packages, be somewhat weather resistant, and of course look cute.  So the Mister looked online and found a few options.  They ranged in price from $150 – $350.00.  Say whaaaat?!  The boxes I saw were ugly and nothing that I thought looked remotely farmhouse cute so really they weren’t exactly options.  But the #1 reason we didn’t purchase one online or in store…my Mister is cheap.  Not always in a bad way.  He prefers to see it as sensible.  In this instance, I’d have to agree.  So he thought about it a while and decided a DIY Parcel Box from a pallet would be the best route.

Build a Parcel Box from a Pallet

I know it looks a bit rough but that’s because I didn’t want to interject my farmhouse charm on him right in the middle of his project.  That wouldn’t be very nice.  So I’m calling it “rustic” charm instead.  Honestly, I’m not complaining when the only cost were the hinges and lock.

Parcel Box List of Supplies:

  • 4 pallets
  • piece of galvanized corrugated tin
  • metal hinges
  • screws or nails
  • small link chain
  • crowbar or reciprocating saw
  • pneumatic nail gun (optional)
  • paint (optional)
  • lock latch (optional)
  • lock (optional)

Several businesses have pallets lying around and will give them away to anyone who asks. In Navasota, the local Ace hardware store would be happy to give you each and every one.  If you can’t find free pallets at your local businesses, try online listings like the pallet recycling network or other comparable sites for help.

I think the hardest part of this entire parcel box project was disassembling the pallets.  Tried the crowbar first and ended up using the SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw to cut the nail heads off instead of pulling them out completely.  Once you’ve taken the pallet apart, lay out your pieces and decide which ones you’d like to use.  The Mister wanted our box to be 24 x 24 inches but you can decide what size works best for you.

Inside of a parcel box made from pallets

Once you’ve decided on your pieces, start with the frame. The frame was made by the 2×4 (stringer) boards of the pallet and the sides are made from the deck boards. When planning out the use of the 2×4 (stringer) boards, be careful not to let the forklift slots end up in an inconvenient spot. Additional 2×4 (stringer) boards were used for the top lid frame and the box was also designed to have a slight angle towards the back to shed water.

After attaching the lid to the frame with the hinges, we added a piece of scrap corrugated tin to the top for weather proofing.  It works like a charm.

Tin placed on top of the pallet parcel box

Parcel Box from a Pallets

He added the chain he already had lying around so the lid wouldn’t fall backwards.  I wouldn’t have thought of that until it fell all the way back and broke.

The legs are one continual piece from the top to bottom.  With the legs on it, it’s to deep for a shorty like me to reach all the way down into it but since I’m deathly afraid of snakes and have seen how they like to curl up in unsuspecting places – there’s no way, no how I’m ever lifting that lid…ever.   Aaaaggghhh – I’m getting the heebie geebies just thinking about it.  But I digress.

He had our daughter paint the words on the front.  I don’t think anyone will miss knowing where to drop those precious packages now.

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Final look of Parcel Box made from Pallets

If you want it to look super farmhouse cute, paint it white.  I will probably do that someday, but for now, this project is all him and I’m so grateful.

If you decide to make a Parcel Box from a pallet, send us a photo!  We’d love to see it.