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Everyday and seasonal table vignettes or centerpiece ideas for the entire home.

I had planned to visit Pier 1 this weekend because of their event called Style Destination.   They gave ideas for table settings, bookshelf styling and ideas using string lights.  I seriously enjoyed it.  Partly because my mom came with me and partly because I won a $10.00 gift card during the random drawings!  It also gave me a chance to pick up a few things and play around with a casual fall tablescape.

We are definitely a casual family so when I style a tablescape in our breakfast or dining room, it stays only for a short time.  Why go to all that work?  It’s fun!  Plus the centerpiece stays so it’s still pretty.  It’s just the dishes that get put back in the cabinet.  We eat out a lot and I might forget to dust the dishes then accidentally plop food on them when I do actually cook – guh row dee.  And I haven’t forgotten that it’s still summer but I want to give you a few fall ideas so in the near future you can do a tablescape of your own.  😉

Casual fall tablescape starting with a table runner from Pier 1

Pulling a Tablescape Together:

I started with an inspiration piece.  Something that would coordinate with the white pumpkins I’d already made.  (If you’d like to see them, click here)  I chose a table runner.  You can use a plate, a napkin ring, floral arrangement; just about anything that gives you a place to start (the inspiration).

I love this table runners color and texture.

Fall table runner from Pier 1 in soft colors for a casual fall tablescape

You don’t have to use orange and red for fall decor.  The colors in this tablescape are soft blue-green, whites and buttery golds.  But the plates have just enough pop to bring a vibrancy which pulls things together.

Pier 1 fall place setting for a casual fall tablescape

The woven place mats add texture and pull the similar color from the leaves and edges on the fall plate.  The soft green and gold pumpkins in the plate coordinate with the colors in the table runner. Can you see how it’s all coming together?

Fall plates for a casual fall tablescape

green blue napkin ring used in a casual fall tablescape

White pumpkin with doily and antler for a casual fall tablescape

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Something Pier 1 mentioned was placement of your napkins and napkin rings.  She said we could put it in the middle of the plate, stacked in a glass or place them on the side.  In this instance, I chose to add mine to the top right corner of the plate.  You can see the plate is too cute to cover up.

Pier 1 fall plate


Just add a few more things to your centerpiece that are similar in color and keep things symmetrical.  Keep it even on both ends and an odd amount.

a casual fall tablescape using a soft color pallete

During the demonstration I asked where the proper placement was when you take the napkin ring off the plate.  She said she doesn’t like a cluttered table so she uses a bowl somewhere on the table and instructs guests to put the napkin rings in the bowl.  Since I only have 4 rings, I added a small vintage plate for mine but keep wondering why in the world haven’t I thought of that?!  I can see how pretty it would be if you had 8 – 10 guests and the napkin rings were hydrangeas or some flower.  Boom Bam – an instant and very nice centerpiece!

Vintage toile plate holding napkin rings in a casual fall tablescape


What did y’all do this weekend?  Did you put together a casual fall tablescape or redo the mantel?  Maybe sit out by the pool and get a tan?  Did you build something or complete a DIY project?  Let me know!





Everyday centerpiece with vintage bottles

Who doesn’t like fresh flowers?  I actually know one person who is allergic therefore isn’t a fan – poor thing.   I feel sorry for her.  You can see from the picture below I like all kinds of flowers, even weeds/wild flowers.  And that I prefer to keep the table centerpiece fairly simple for an average day.

Centerpiece with vintage transformers, antlers, and wild flowers

Well I checked out Courthouse Antiques in Anderson, TX last weekend and picked up a few vintage bottles.  I’ve decided to use them as my new everyday centerpiece on the table in Navasota.  It’s my excuse to have fresh flowers all the time – wink wink and a smiley face.  If you could see my face right now trying to wink, you’d laugh and think I was having a spasm of some sort.  I’ve never been able to wink.

Anyway, I gathered a few more bottles I already had around the house and purchased $4.00 flowers at the grocery store.   Placed them in a cluster on the galvanized table (DIY found here).  Voila – a new everyday centerpiece with vintage bottles.  Seeing them every time I walk through the main thoroughfare makes me smile.

vintage bottles used as an everyday centerpiece on table

When deciding to cluster the items together, make sure and choose an odd number of pieces.  I’ve used seven.  Keep them varied in height as well.  Both of these tips will keep your centerpiece more appealing.  But if all of your items are the same size, just cut the flowers in various heights.

vintage bottles with flowers

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In this collection there are old vinegar jars, apothecary medicine bottles, a soda bottle, and a magnesia bottle that still has the stopper/lid.

Vintage Citrate Magnesia bottle with stopper

The soft colors, the unique shapes, the stretch marks and air bubbles – I love each imperfection.


Look at these other ideas for vintage bottles!

In this post she painted them making the labels really stand out.

This wall vase shown here in this post seems like an easy DIY.

You can embellish them like she did in this post even though it starts out giving you ideas for vintage jewelry (other fab idea).

You could even decoupage them like in this video!

 Do you have a collection of bottles?  Do you place them all together or in different places around the house?  How do you display them?  Are they being used?  I’d love to know!  









Tips for an al fresco ready tray or centerpiece!

I’ve always wanted to dine “al fresco” in Navasota.  Doesn’t that sound fancy shmancy?  Aaal frescooo.  But even though I can mix a fancy Italian word that means outside with a farmhouse yard and a view of moss covered trees and cows, there’s still a few things that deter me from actually doing it.  There’s the humidity, the heat, the mosquito’s, the infestation of crazy ants (that’s what they’re called) and the lack of planning ahead.

Although the first 4 excuses are out of my control, I can go ahead and put together a tray so I’m ready when/if we get a cool front and God decides to wipe out the bugs.  So I’m going to share tips for an al fresco ready tray or centerpiece with you just in case you can dine outside!


Lemon lime tray ready for alresco dining or a great table centerpiece


Tips for an al fresco ready tray or centerpiece

Step #1:

Begin with a tray.  Make sure it’s sturdy and large enough to hold everything you need so you are making minimal trips in and out.  Take weight into consideration when choosing.  I decided to use this white tray from Pier One; it’s big but light weight.  It could get heavy once you’ve put everything on it.  It’s like those nice pretty crystal or cut glass pitchers you fill up with orange juice.  My word it’s so heavy you can barely pour from it.

Step #2:

Decide on a color scheme.  The one above will work for the entire summer with it’s green and yellow.  Pull things from around the house that you may use as decoration.  Keep in mind you’ll want a centerpiece for the table outside.  While looking around, check the fridge like I did.  Lemons, limes, apples, oranges, no bananas, pears – they would add nice color.  It doesn’t need to be a lot and remember to try and keep the tray lightweight.

Step #3:

Gather your plates and utensils.  I use white plates and bowls because they go with everything and usually use a mason jar to corral the utensils.  Paper plates or plastic is fine too.  I have a set you’d never know were plastic until you picked them up.  That’s the stuff you use when you’re having a large gathering.  Like a Southern Baptist picnic when everyone brings a casserole and it’s served buffet style.

Step #4:

Set your dishes in the tray first.  Now add the next largest item which will probably be the actual outside table centerpiece.  I used a jar full of weeds (excuse me – wildflowers) for this summer look.  Easy to come by and cheap/free!

Step #5:

Next add the necessities like the jar of utensils and napkins.  I added candles just in case we were having an evening soiree.  LOL – another fancy shmancy word.   I also added a towel.  You never know when you might have a spill and it adds soft texture to the tray decor.

Step #6:

Time for the finishing touches.  Add the rest of the decorative items you gathered from around the house.  You’ll want to vary the heights to make things more appealing.  And place your color in at least 3 different locations.  A triangle formation always looks good.  The small boxwood wreath can be tied to an outside chair and the lemons and limes can be added to drinks.  The perfect touch of color for a summer time centerpiece.


Patriotic al fresco ready tray ready for dining outside for a great July 4th table centerpiece


Since it’s almost Independence Day and because around here we are already decked out for the occasion, this tray is donned with extra red, white and blue.   I gathered my decor items, decided what to use as an outdoor centerpiece and varied the heights in the tray.  Can you see little ol’ Elsie the cow screaming ouch because I stabbed her in the back with flags?  I told her it was for a national celebration but she looks as if she’s still screaming.

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Al fresco dining patriotic tray or table centerpiece


With these 6 easy steps, you’ll have a beautiful al fresco ready tray or centerpiece.  All you need to do is pick it up and tote it outside.  This one seems like it’s going to be heavy so I’ll ask my man slave (aka the Mister) to help.

If you’d like to see the other July 4th decor items we have at the farmhouse, you can see the living room here and the front porch here.

Enjoy your summer and send a picture if you make up an al fresco tray!







Vintage Inspired July 4th Decor

Now that I have a farmhouse to take care of I can’t go all Hobby Lobby or chain craft store on it.  I decided this year when decorating for July 4th, I wanted something different and something with vintage charm.

Whatever I found needed to be inexpensive, fun and festive.  So Macy (our middle child) and I went to Tomball, TX which is about 35 minutes east of Navasota.  My goodness I think we visited 5 or so antique shops with some of them having 15 plus rooms.  It was awesome!

The best part is I found a my vintage inspired July 4th decor!  I bought a couple of vintage tea towels, a sugar sack and a piece of vintage fabric all in shades of red, white and blue.

Vintage fabric swatches for different July 4th decor inspiration

Because of the fabric sizes, I decided to make pillows out of them.  I love pillows.  The Mister does not.  He doesn’t understand that in order for my feet to touch the ground, I need a pillow behind my back – oh the life of a girl who’s only 5’4″ with shoes on (insert rolling eyes).

I decided to sew the edges but it’s just as easy to use fabric glue.  I’ve found that works very well.  When the edges were sewn, I stuffed them with poly-fil and viola… super cute pillows.

Here’s my vintage inspired July 4th decor:

Here are 3 of the new pillows I made.  Aren’t they cute?  I added things we already had like the red vintage books, an old crock and my son’s crazy middle school project (not vintage but loved) in the tray.

Sofa with vintage pillows made for the July 4th decor

July 4th decor made with vintage fabrics for pillows, vintage books in an old crock


The table behind the sofa has a framed vintage flag for added color.

July 4th decor with vintage flag and books


Here’s another pillow.  This one is a blue and white striped ticking fabric.

White slip covered chair with blue and white ticking pillow and July 4th decor on side table


I used more of the red vintage books (can you tell we have quite the set of red books) and added a ribbon around the cowbell.  The hand stitched cloth in the frame was made in 1952 for the Misters dad.  I’m crafty but definitely do not have enough patience or crafty genes for that – I’m super impressed though!

vintage books and cow bell with hand stitched cloth in frame for July 4th farmhouse decordecor


Here is another pillow.  It’s paired with a vintage quilt and an old pitcher with gardenias.

July 4th decor with vintage books, old crock and vintage insulator


vintage books, old pitcher with red flowers and a vintage insulator for July 4th decor

There you go, my vintage inspired July 4th decor for a beloved farmhouse.  With the touches of red, white, blue, vintage charm, and old pieces that mean a lot to the family, I think the Mister’s great grandmother, grandmother and mom would enjoy the festive pops of color – I know I do.

I hope you decorate for July 4th and if you have the desire for a farmhouse look, check out places that don’t have 20 of the same thing sitting on the shelf.  It’s fine if you want that look.  I actually have several pieces from a big box store.  Just don’t go all crazy!

Anyway, I love the colors so much and because I put forth an effort, albeit small, I’ll probably keep it up through summer.  😉













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Coffee Table Refresh – 1,2,3!

Have any of you ever sat in your family room, looked around and thought it was time for a change up?  I do and I did.  Redesigns are one of my favorite things to do when I get bored.  Kinda drives the Mister crazy.  I remember one day when the kids were very young, he left for work, the kids took a nap and by the time he came home for dinner, the kitchen walls had been painted.  All he said was “Well I see someone was bored today“.

20 years later I still get bored and want need change.  But all I had time for today was the coffee table.  I’ll show you 3 different looks and you can tell me which one you like the best.

Coffee Table Refresh #1

garden bench used as a coffee table refresh with chippy painted board and accessories

Here at the house in Highland Village we use an iron bench as a coffee table.  I’m not one for the matchy matchy look so I hunted for something totally different.  I think an old garden bench certainly says different.  It can be used for extra seating when needed and we don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.  It’s basically indestructible.

This quick change has an old chippy painted board as a base that I purchased while in Waco on our Magnolia Farms trip.  I have different plans for it but today, I want it here.  On the left side, I used a green ceramic bird, a moss ball and a mason jar with a hydrangea stem.  The other side has greenery added to a clay pot, two of my favorite books and an old door knob from Navasota.  I like this new summer look.

white chippy board on iron bench used in a coffee table refresh

Can you see the chippy paint on the board and the itty bitty eyes on the ceramic bird?  So cute.  I think this look can be described as Understated Grace with Practicality.

iron bench with books and doorknob for a coffee table refresh

You’ll notice in the back ground a large pillow. It’s never there but since it’s all about the coffee table refresh today, I had to move the items so it wasn’t distracting.  😉  You’ll get to see those another day.  On to the next one.

Coffee Table Refresh #2

iron garden bench with old cabinet door in a coffee table refresh

For this change up I used a vintage cabinet door I found in Waxahachie, TX for $10.00!  I snatched it up so quick I almost knocked over the lady beside me trying to get to it.  I did apologize AFTER I picked it up though.  I believe she understood when she saw my ear to ear grin and gave me the wink.  One of those secret junker winks you get from another junker who knows you got a steal of a deal and is happy for you but jealous because you got it first kinda winks.

Well you can see why I had to grab it so quickly.  Just look at it – it has the chippy paint I love, it’s original hinges and latch and those cutouts are so delightful!  I’ve used it all over the house but this time it’s used as a base to hold the boxwood ball, an iron finial and cowhide coasters.  The other side has magazines and the TV remotes.  A simple look with function.  Lets call this refresh Uncomplicated Charm.

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Coffee Refresh #3

iron bench used for coffee table refresh with cushion and woven tray

Can anyone guess why the Mister loves this refresh the most?  Yep, the cushion.  He can put his feet up more comfortably now.  The woven basket/tray corrals the magazines, coasters and remotes.  Mhmm, I do love me some clutter containment.  Guess I’ll call this one Clear-cut and Comfortable.

Which is your favorite?  As you can see from all 3 choices, there’s nothing fancy about my personal home decorating.  I’m all about casual, comfy, cozy, and inviting.  I never want anyone to feel as though they can’t touch anything or have to ask to sit down.  I want my home to say plop yourself down girl, grab that Magnolia magazine and lets chat.  Oh yeah, and have a cupcake… we must have cupcakes!





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